MentorEd – Mentoring and Editing

I am June Alexander and I am a non-fiction writer. My special skills and interests are in diary writing, mentoring and editing. I encourage everyone, of every age, to write about their life – and, in so doing, make their life count. Some people think their life has been ‘nothing special’  but my experience is that everyone’s life is special. Often what seems the most ordinary, becomes the most extraordinary. If you have experienced trauma or illness, writing can be a wonderful therapy in re-focusing on the beauty in life. Click on the tabs above for examples of my work and guidance on how to get started.

EVERYBODY has a story to tell and this includes YOU.

Writing about memories provides a rich heritage – one that only you can provide. Whether you are 15, 45 or 95 now is the right time to share your story, your journey, and your wisdom. Sharing your story will help others understand their lives and make the world a  more meaningful place.

All you need to get started is a willingness to have a go.

Even if you have not written a word for years, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily your story comes together, and how quickly your thoughts can turn into words on a page of your very own story.

Sometimes, writing about an experience can be easier than talking about it.  I have kept a diary since the age of 12. As I grew into adolescence and adulthood, I would write about my feelings, and about people or events that were troubling me. Writing helped me sort my thoughts, ease my load, put things in perspective and illuminate the road ahead. Keeping a diary helped me become observant, reflective and I often saw details that others didn’t.

    Writing can help ease current or past stresses, traumas or difficulties in life. Writing helps us connect with ourselves and others. When I write in my diary, it is all about 'me and myself'. I write to 'me'. My diary is like a best friend. When I wrote my memoir, A Girl Called Tim, my diaries became a major resource. I had not written them to please or impress others, rather to comfort myself. They were written straight from my heart, and now, I was sharing them with the world. Reading and writing a story for others from my diaries helped me understand my life and put major events in perspective. Sometimes, reliving the painful moments was upsetting but also cathartic. I was able to repackage hurtful memories in a way that enabled me to move on with my life; to soar, in fact! I look forward to helping you soar, too! Contact me today. I offer private tuition, in person or via the Internet, Skype and phone, and also group workshops. I look forward to helping you to ‘cut and polish’ your life experiences to reveal and preserve your gem within.