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When ‘ED’ is all you can hear

I have suffered with an eating disorder for 18 years and I don’t know how to break free … I would like you to share  strategies for those times when my ‘ED’ is the only thing I can hear.  – K. I just want to take ‘K’ by the hand and assure her that life does […]

Maudsley in the media

A small ripple in the mainstream media pond. Looking forward to the day we make a big splash, make waves, inspire and speed change in treatment and care for people of all ages who suffer eating disorders. Melbourne, (January 29th, 2012) The Sunday Age runs my letter: Finding hope CONGRATULATIONS to Jill Stark for balanced reporting […]

Playing tug of war with ED

The Maudsley Approach is the best, evidence-based chance for most children and adolescents to nip their eating disorder – particularly anorexia nervosa – in the bud and get their life back on track in the quickest possible time. But what about those of us whose eating disorders developed before the Maudsley Approach – also known as […]

Getting your kid back

“… families talk about getting their kids back.” Professor Susan Sawyer, director of adolescent health at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, is talking about the RCH’s highly successful implementation of the Maudsley Approach for early intervention of anorexia nervosa in children and adolescents. Parents often feel they have ‘lost’ their child when an eating disorder develops. This is […]

Share the pain so that you may GROW

I was turning 50 the year I learnt my parents knew about sexual abuse that had taken place in the family home during my childhood. A family member had died, altering the family dynamics, and in the aftermath, things were said that had been suppressed, lying dormant, for years. The morning after the funeral I […]

Hungry for an appetite

Does it take time for your body to reset its hunger signal? appetite |noun: * a natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, esp. for food: he has a healthy appetite | they suffered from loss of appetite; * a strong desire or liking for something: an unquenchable appetite for life. – Dictionary definition. Appetite has been a big issue for me. I am eating three meals […]

An Appetite for Recovery

Do you see your ED as having been a battle with your appetite, your body shape, or compulsive behaviours that have no real ‘meaning’ other than that you feel you must do them?  My response to this question from Extra Long Tail is, all of the above.  Eating disorders, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, […]

Aim for the full cherry of life – it’s delicious

This picture was taken the day my daughter celebrated her 21st birthday. I was 46 years’ old and an inpatient at a private mental health hospital. My psychiatrist gave me four hours’  leave to attend my daughter’s party. I’d been in hospital more than a month and was unable to assist with the party arrangements. […]

Breaking free from thoughts that imprison us

A devoted mother shared today that her daughter is restricting her food intake because soon she is to become an inpatient in a renewed effort to put her well on to the road of recovery. I understand the daughter’s thoughts because for many years I had the same thoughts my self. It’s all about a […]

Moving from an Eating Disorder’s Half-life to Your Full Life

Guest Blog By  *Aimee Liu What happens to people with anorexia or bulimia who don’t get treatment — or who don’t get enough of the right treatment?  This is an important question because, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, only ten percent of people with eating disorders are ever […]