Monthly Archives: February 2012

A ‘War Cry’ helps to beat ED

The opportunity to spread the word about eating disorders is always a pleasure – to think that one person may benefit from reading an article, and be inspired to reach out for help, is enough to keep me going! I am grateful to the Salvation Army for devoting the whole of Page Five  in their […]

Insurance project responds to voice of experience

Good news for Australian families who are wondering where their next dollar is coming from, and where to turn to, in meeting health care expenses. After a decade of collaborating and taking note of consumer experiences, the Mental Health Council of Australia and beyondblue: the national depression and anxiety initiative have launched the Mental Health and Insurance Project […]

Helping our doctors learn about ED

This is a true story – a parent knows in their heart that something is terribly wrong, that their child is sick, and yet the doctor is saying ‘don’t worry, off you go home, she’s okay’. You try to believe the doctor, who has high standing in your community, but secretly you are worried that […]

ED says U said – untwisting eating disorder talk

Eating disorders have pretty much a language of their own. We say one thing and it is heard and interpreted as another. This can be hard to accept when our intention is noble. Something happens on the way from the speaker to the listener. The sense of the words can be twisted into many meanings, depending […]

Never too late to make a splash

This afternoon I surprised two of my grand children, aged five and two. For the first time, they saw me in a bathing costume. They laughed, and so did I. They laughed a lot more when we entered the indoor swimming pool. The five-year-old had a large water pistol and proceeded to shoot me. The […]

The day I divorced ‘Ed’

Picking up the pieces of life after an eating disorder recovery can be challenging. Years, decades, may have passed. Relationships tested, scarred, and lost. Decisions made that cannot be un-made. So it was for me. For more than 40 years many of my thoughts and behaviours were at the behest of my eating disorder. My […]

‘Just eat’ – the doctor said

Words are sometimes hard to find, when many emotions gush through one’s mind. Exasperation, frustration, worry, fear, anger, pain, and everything in between. This happens when I receive a letter about a dear daughter from her parents, and know that better education and training of health professionals would have helped all three be in a […]

Offering hope – all over the web

Regaining one’s life from a long-time eating disorder is an amazing feat. Imagine an unwelcome, extremely bossy person living in your home for 10 years or more; well, it’s a thousand times worse when the equivalent lives in your brain, and you just can’t get a moment’s peace. Regaining one’s true self, and pushing that […]

Taking the Anorexia Battle to the Defence Force

Overcoming Anorexia Nervosa is a battle. This mighty big, life or death battle requires much courage, resourcefulness and determination. During the ANZAED Conference in Sydney, 2011, I met a remarkable young woman who has conquered her eating disorder with flying colours. She is blossoming with life as she sets about fulfilling her life dreams. But […]

Recovery is – freedom to be

Every day I celebrate freedom from my eating disorder. The freedom is sweeter for taking so long to get. I’m a bit of a dinosaur in the eating disorder field – developed anorexia at age eleven in 1962, and transitioned into bulimia several years later – more than a decade before the wonderful Gerald Russell published […]