Monthly Archives: March 2012

Educators, take the blinkers off

With Australia’s first national eating disorder conference for families only 13 months away (May 23-25, Brisbane; can’t come soon enough), it is worth watching this Channel Seven Morning Show segment to know what the eating disorder field is up against in education in Australia. If ever there was any doubt that Australia needs an eating disorder […]

When thin is normal

When you are 12 years old, and anything other than ‘thin’ does not seem normal or acceptable, the last thing you need is a weight loss company advertising how it can help you feel wonderful and look beautiful. When thin becomes normal in the mind of a genetically-vulnerable child, the gun is loaded to trigger […]

Standing up to the diet industry

Life isn’t fair. My psychiatrist said that to me, rather bluntly, years ago, when I was crying my way through a session about an injustice that had occurred as a result of my eating disorder. What he meant, when I calmed down sufficiently to reflect, was that by ceasing to expect life to be fair, […]

Once bitten, twice determined

“Amy Smith believes that anything is possible — her motto is ‘once bitten, twice determined’.” So says the updated bio for Jenny Craig CEO, Amy Smith, in the speakers’ details section for the AGSA Conference. All reference to Jenny Craig has been deleted. Amy, and AGSA conference organisers, I’ve a message for you: People who experience […]

Sign the petition – save a life

‘ED’ takes no time off on weekends. We won’t either. The good news is that a petition is circulating online. Let’s give it wings. High five to Lydia Jade for creating this petition. As I write this, the number of signatures is about to hit 200. Let’s keep this rolling, let’s keep this going so […]

Diet industry has no place in school environment

What is your image of a girl? What image comes to mind first? Who do you ‘see’ in your mind? Do you ‘see’ her body size, or do you ‘see’ her essence, her bubbly personality? And what images do girls have of themselves? What images will give them, the mothers of tomorrow, the most freedom […]

Red Riding Hood re-visited: a nightmare that must be stopped

My three little grand daughters – the eldest is aged  two years – are my sweetest inspiration. They fuel my passion in raising awareness of eating disorders. Forty-four years of my life, from the age of eleven, were scarred, marred and tortured by eating disorders – first Anorexia, then Bulimia. Forty-four years – lost. I […]

The fine line between caring and over-caring

What does a mother do when her young adult daughter calls and says: ‘I want you to move (500km) to the city to look after me while I study, I can’t cope alone.’ The mother has a job she likes, friends, and a lovely home in the town where she has raised her children and […]

You Just Don’t Get It

Six years into freedom, I remain gob-smacked at the ability of an eating disorder to twist and turn words. Not only the spoken word but also the silent words that for decades raced incessantly, like champion dodgem cars, around in my mind. Say one word and my eating disorder would grab and magnify it to the […]

A case of ‘a little bit of Bulimia’

“A little bit of Bulimia never hurt anyone.” It’s hard to believe, and you surely won’t want to believe it, but a doctor said this to a young woman in an Australian country town. The doctor dismissed the young woman with this ‘advice’ eight years ago. Bulimia has been a diagnosable illness for more than 40 […]