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An illness in the brain

I’m taking a break from book-writing to comment on Laura’s Soap Box: Good will hunting. Laura, thank you for this post, which relates very closely to matters within my heart and soul. For more than 20 years, from age 11 to in my 30s, I struggled with an illness which was considered by all around […]

When mother has an eating disorder

I reached for the phone. I was ready to accept the guidance of my minister and psychiatrist so I could become a person with normal behavioural habits. ‘I will go to the mental health hospital this Sunday,’ I vowed. ‘If I don’t go I will defer my recovery. I want to be free.’ But on […]

Understanding why we cling to ED

  ED says U said – Understanding the Language of Eating Disorders is filling up fast with hundreds of dialogues contributed by carers and people with eating disorder experience from around the world. Thank you! Of course, I want more! One conversation that has popped up time and time again runs like this: “Why is […]

Bin the diet, feed the soul

For years I felt my soul was literally in tatters, like those bits of seaweed you see washed up on the seashore. My eating disorder had devoured it, squeezed all sense of self out of it. Left it vulnerable and exposed to the forces of the outside world. Left me with no safe haven, living […]

Weighing up online support

I regained me before ‘coming out of the closet’, so to speak, to share my experience of an eating disorder.  I have been exploring ‘online’ for about five years. That’s all. I have met many people online in this time and cherish the many friendships that have evolved from communicating in this way. Although I […]

Turning the pages on a Continuous Appetite

Have you ever found yourself eating and eating and eating and, even though you know that you won’t be happy with this choice later, you’re unable to stop? This is the disordered path that Sophie Skover walked for years.  Eleven years ago, Sophie had bulimia nervosa (BN) and repeatedly found herself living in this destructive eating pattern.  […]

Beware of ‘ED’ the marriage gatecrasher

I fainted on the morning of my wedding day in 1971. Not from nerves, but from hunger. Bang! When I ‘came around’, I found myself lying on my parents’ bed, with my mother fussing over me; I didn’t know what day it was. I was 20 years old and had been suffering anorexia and bulimia […]

Mentoring – a gem in the recovery toolbag

Mentoring is one of the most under-valued skills and gifts around. The dictionary describes a mentor as ‘an experienced and trusted adviser’. Shannon Cutts is this and much more. I met Shannon at the 2009 NEDA conference in Minneapolis. There she was, with her lovely long hair and gorgeous smile, exactly as you see in this picture. Except […]

NEDA Joins Protest Against Jenny Craig

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is adding its voice to the growing numbers opposed to Jenny Craig CEO, Amy Smith, being named as the keynote speaker choice for the Alliance of Girls’ Schools upcoming conference. The Alliance is a non-profit organization “which aims to promote the education of girls in single sex girls’ schools […]

Two acute beds for more than 7 million – no joke

There is no place like home, surrounded by everyone and everything that represents ‘safety, security and stability’, when recovering from an eating disorder. Ideally, hospital is the last place we want to be, but sometimes when ED goes on a rampage, it is the place we need to be. For the sake of our physical […]