Monthly Archives: May 2012

Arms full of books and head full of ED

Everyday when I pick Nellie up from school I see all her old friends walking out in a group laughing and smiling and walking freely and then about 100 metres away there is Nellie – tiny little Nellie with her arms full of books and her head full of ED. I grieve for her lost youth. […]

No bed for mother critically ill with anorexia – wrong postcode

A New South Wales mother of four children, aged six to 13, is being denied a hospital bed for treatment of her chronic anorexia nervosa because she has the wrong postcode. The woman’s plight, which has been taken up by her treating clinical psychologist, reveals a gaping hole in health care services for people with […]

Unchecked, ED has no use-by date

‘ED’ of Eating Disorder notoriety, has no ‘Use By’ date. Without evidence-based treatment intervention, ‘ED’ doesn’t just ‘go away’. It thrives on torturing innocent minds and sending families into a spin. Band-aid treatment – a few weeks of therapy here and there – simply won’t work. It is like taking a cake out of the […]

At Home with Eating Disorders – a conference for Aussies

I’m delighted to share wonderful, wonderful news. At Home with Eating Disorders, the first Australian eating disorder conference for families, carers and sufferers, has got the green light to proceed. This conference will take place in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, on May 23-25, 2013. The venue will be the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Our […]

Children show us that living in the moment is what counts

“Choose whatever you like, Mum’. I  looked at the menu and chose pancakes with maple syrup. Yum. Like many mothers around the world, I celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ this past Sunday. I felt completely blessed, invited to brunch with all four children, and all five grand children. We sat in a lovely restaurant and I was […]

Write and everything will be all right

… i got your book A Girl Called Tim out of the library last week and i literally read the whole thing in one day because i just couldnt put it down … it was the first book i have ever read that describes exactly how i feel its fantastic and im defiantly (sic.) going to […]

No diets in my house

My little Myne Cottage will be ‘bursting at the seams’ tonight when my family comes to dinner. There will be seventeen of us – my four children and their families; their dad, George, and his partner; the lovely Sri Lankan parents of one of my daughters-in-law, and – me. I am pretending my dining-living area […]

I’ve got an eating disorder – what do you say?

The doctor told me today I have an eating disorder… If your child, or friend, or partner, or parent, or colleague, says this to you, what will you say in response? Or maybe you are the person with the eating disorder – if so, what did people say, how did they re-act, when they learnt […]