Monthly Archives: June 2012

Stop fearmongering anti-obesity campaign

I just signed a petition (see below) addressed to: WA Government, Heart Foundation and Cancer Council. As Paul Rhodes notes, much better to ‘promote dignity, lifestyle, the joys of getting out there’, than make people feel guilty and worse about themselves. The petition has been given life by Lydia Jade Turner. Lydia explains: The anti-obesity ad […]

To exercise or not – new study on anorexia

Many people – children and adults both – bemoan the severe restrictions placed on exercise by their treatment teams during the early stages of recovery from anorexia. Does being confined to bed help? A new study at the University of Sydney is addressing a scarcity of research in regards to targeted treatment interventions and the […]

Where there is life, there is hope

Friend Pooky in the UK has emailed about a 32 year old woman with anorexia who wants to be left to die but a judge has ruled must forcibly kept alive.  ‘I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this,‘ Pooky said. My response: Here is another woman, in her 30s, with anorexia. Compare her […]

A bed for Andrea but too many waiting

A hospital bed has been found for Andrea. Potentially due to the activism by readers of this post and Andrea’s community, her desperate medical situation has been recognised and a medical bed offered at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. Amazingly, this location is out of Andrea’s postcode area. I understand that Andrea will remain […]

A plea for Andrea – a bed before she is dead

If there is one thing that makes me mad, it is when people-who-should-know-better talk about and treat people living with a mental illness as though they are objects. For an object is how Sydney mother of four, ‘Andrea’, is being treated by people who hold the key to her life. Almost two weeks ago, I […]

Jenny Craig call has nourishing outcome

The call to  ‘Stop Jenny Craig’s CEO from presenting at Girls’ Schools conference’ continues to make ripples.  Many of you joined the public outcry by signing the petition – and the good news is that your voice has been heard. Yes, every vote does count. Petition organiser, Lydia Jade Turner, provides an update: Hi Everyone, […]

Faith and love the most powerful tonics of all

Recovery from an eating disorder requires help from many quarters. Boundless love of family and unwavering faith in God provided gave me strength to fight for freedom. Challenge, The Good News Paper, based in Perth, Western Australia, publishes this story in their June edition: June Alexander, who finally recovered from her eating disorders at age 55 […]