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Why we need a 24-hour eating disorder support line

A 24-hour support line for eating disorder sufferers will save lives. It will save relationships. It will save thousands of taxpayer dollars in health care. This is why I started a petition to raise awareness. To sign the petition, click here. This year marks 50 years since I developed anorexia. It’s an illness that continues […]

Hindsight – a book by parents for parents

The love and care of parents for children who develop an eating disorder knows no bounds. For some, like Lyn and Chris Ellis, helping their child recover is not enough. They want their experience to ease and speed the way through the darkness of the eating disorder for other parents who find themselves confronting this […]

1500 signatures – revealing the cost of silent suffering

I am overwhelmed by the strength of the response to this petition. More than 1500 signatures, and now we are aiming for 2500. And I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of people are affected by an eating disorder and in need of a 24-hour support line. Minister for Mental […]

ED behaviours and weight concerns common in women over 50

Let’s bust a myth: Eating disorders are NOT a fad, they are not the domain of the young. They most often develop when we are young – true – and unrestrained can hitch a ride into adulthood and even grandparenthood, causing havoc at every life stage. On behalf of older women everywhere, a big thank […]

500 call for 24-hour support line

We have more than 500 signatures on our petition: Minister for Mental Health: Fund a life saving 24-hour Support Line for Eating Disorders sufferers. This is an enormous accomplishment and I want to thank you so much making a stand for change. Our petition will remain open until Oct 04, 2012, allowing you and your supporters to […]

Relapse – a phone call can defuse the trigger

More than 200 people have signed the petition calling for a 24-hour support line for eating disorder sufferers in Australia. If you have yet to sign, do so here. Let’s help make a difference. Share with your friends, families, colleagues – everybody on your contact list! We need to make a noise at the highest […]

Sign petition for 24-hour help line

Please help sufferers of eating disorders in our big wide country of Australia by signing this petition. It is crazy but true, that at the moment the only help line available for eating disorder care operates in business hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). Hilarious, if not so serious. You can help stop ED’s […]

Message from Andrea – now it’s hospital at home

Andrea, who suffers anorexia, was on death’s bed but could not get a hospital bed to receive specialised eating disorder treatment, due to living in the wrong postcode area. Eventually she was placed in a hospital bed to be medically stabilised; now she writes with an update: ‘Andrea’ here:)  I just wanted to send you […]