Monthly Archives: January 2013

Translating Ed’s talk

Feel misunderstood? Ed Says U Said – Eating Disorder Translator can help you understand why.  Even if you think you don’t know anyone with an eating disorder, chances are that you do. Ed Says U Said provides insights and clues on how to beat a deadly illness at its game. Eating disorders are about much more than food. They are […]

Sock it to ED

  Sometimes the darkest moment can be a catalyst for light. At the 2010 Academy of Eating Disorders Salzburg ICED, I was eating lunch and enjoying a chat with fellow advocates, Kitty Westin, Laura Collins and Carrie Arnold. We were sitting around a small table outside at a sidewalk café when news came through from […]

Aussies kick ED for six

Families, carers and sufferers of eating disorders – this is for you At Home with Eating Disorders – Australia’s first national conference for families and carers, and people who suffer an eating disorder. Brisbane, May 23-25, 2013. See you there! Are you caring for someone with an eating disorder, or do you have an eating […]

Getting out of BED

Living in a culture of intense body image focus is not easy. Especially if you have an eating disorder. It is a fallacy that eating disorders are visible. Get this fact: they are a biologically-based illness in the mind, in the brain. Some symptoms may become physically visible but most are not. Myths abound about […]

Seeing red with Ed says U said

RED means STOP.  Ed says U said – Eating Disorder Translator shouts this message for all to read and hear.  This new  book with the red cover puts the eating disorder ‘Ed’ on notice. Turn the glaring red cover to unearth the lowdown on this grossly misunderstood illness. Turn the pages to understand the language of […]

Soaring – beyond ED

Eating disorders. They are a pain. They sabotage the brains of beautiful people and play havoc with their lives and those of their families. I know, for I was a prisoner of anorexia and bulimia for more than 40 years, from age 11. But I am lucky. I survived and, with much help, rebuilt and […]

OBE for Janet Treasure

Great news to start 2013! I am absolutely delighted, ‘over the moon’, with the news that eating disorder researcher, Janet Treasure, has been recognised with an OBE for her work. Around the world, many carers, families and sufferers of eating disorders will join with me in applauding this news. Professor Treasure has a knack of […]