Monthly Archives: February 2013

Educating dentists about ‘Ed’ – share your story

Smile, and the world smiles with you. But smiling can be difficult when teeth suffer from an eating disorder. Despite growing up on a dairy farm – plenty of fresh milk – my teeth suffered greatly when anorexia developed at age 11. I felt so embarrassed, I did not want to smile. Fast forward to […]

Exercising during AN recovery – good or bad? Research call for survivors to share experience

Exercise is a feel-good activity for many people who suffer anorexia nervosa. I know – as a survivor, now in my seventh blissful year of recovery, I continue to enjoy exercise – these days usually in the form of walking, pulling weeds and planting seedlings in the vegetable garden, or playing at the park with […]

Recovery is brilliant – come to Brisbane and find out

We all love a good recovery story; we love to see those who have been down, get up and go on to lead happy, productive lives. Pop stars and entertainers inspire us when they get their life back on track, but there are quiet achievers everywhere – in the suburbs, down town, in our rural […]

Ed says U said – a book for U

  Even if you think you don’t know anyone with an eating disorder, read this book – chances are that you do Shocking statistics in Australia (replicated throughout the world): 1828 Australians died from eating-related disorders in 2012 – 50% more than our national road toll. One in 20 Australians has an eating disorder. More […]

Roses are red, there’s life after Ed

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones:-) I had the happiest Valentine’s Day ever – my partner George arrived late afternoon with a big bunch of red roses and bottle of champagne. I felt overwhelmed. This was our first Valentine’s Day together. Six years into freedom from my eating disorder, and life gets […]

Bye bye to bully ‘ED’

I’m excited. A dream is coming true. On May 24 and 25, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, eating disorders will be put on our map for all to see. Eating disorders will be put on notice. Yep, ‘ED’, your time is up. No more hiding, pretending, manipulating or bullying your prey. We are on to you. […]

B an early bird for Brisbane

I am sooo excited. Every day is one day closer to our first national conference on eating disorders in Australia – our first national conference, that is, for families, carers and eating disorder sufferers. A dream coming true! Be an early bird – register by February 28. Read the latest news on our conference preparations […]

Karen’s life had ‘only just begun’

Karen Carpenter died 30 years ago today, at age 32. Her life had only just begun when an eating disorder took it away. I did not know Karen personally but felt a great affinity with her. We were born in the same year, 1950, and we both developed the eating disorder illness, anorexia nervosa. Sadly, […]