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Eating a cup cake at Easter

Fear about food is a wall of nothing through which you can pass. If you have an eating disorder, you may have been told that this illness is ‘not about the food’. Which is true in a way – because it is about much more than food. Even when you are eating three meals and […]

Eating disorders are NOT rare – obesity v. eating disorders

“Concerns about disordered eating in children and adolescents should not preclude appropriate action on childhood obesity.” Extract from   Medical Journal of Australia  I share the concerns of eating disorder advocate, Chevese  Turner, about an article published in the Medical Journal of Australia.  The article is titled: Childhood obesity in Australia remains a widespread health concern that warrants […]

Recovery guide for sufferers – focus of Janet Treasure’s new book

Professor Janet Treasure wrote the highly respected and widely known book,  Anorexia Nervosa: A Survival Guide for Families, Friends and Sufferers, in 1997. I have had the pleasure of co-authoring the long-awaited update, released this month. The new edition builds on the work of the first book, providing essential new and updated research outcomes on anorexia […]

Mum, I want you out of my life – a turning point for recovery

I felt absolutely devastated when I found my daughter had bulimia. She was about 18 and suffered from quantities of depression. My heart plummeted. Someone had told me this illness lasted for years. – a mother shares her wisdom as a carer in this extract  from Ed says U said: My daughter certainly was depressed, holed […]

Chewing and spitting harmful for teeth

For 17 years I have had severely restricting Anorexia and a lot of chewing and spitting (CHSP), with resultant major dental problems…but no purging. It’s funny how these little terms, like CHSP, come along, isn’t it … an attempt to encompass such heavy, emotionally-laden, guilty, secretive behaviors into tiny acronyms that sound really clinical and matter-of-fact. _ “A” Dentists want to […]

Red book a teacher for carers – ED specialist

Just want to say what a fab book this is, June … Ed says U said has filled the difficult gap in my carer groups. It was always difficult to get the carers go fully understand the ED voice, but this will make it much clearer… thank you…. Mark Taylor – Specialist Practitioner (Eating Disorders) People who […]

Eating Disorders in Mid Life – Learning to feed me instead of Ed

As a wife and mother suffering bulimia in the 1970s, the same tussle of thoughts preceded every meal – the mere thought of eating three meals in one day triggered debilitating anxiety. I was as yet unaware of the importance of eating three meals and three snacks a day in recovering from an eating disorder […]

A smile: the untold cost of an eating disorder

I’ve been self conscious of my smile all my life. During most of my childhood this feeling had nothing to do with my teeth – I was convinced there was something wrong with my face and that I looked stupid when I smiled. There isn’t anything wrong – it’s simply that my mouth is a […]

No front teeth, so hard to smile

‘When I left home at the age of 19 to attend University I put off finding a dentist as the bulimia deepened … fear of being found out was too strong.’ Eating disorders rob us of many precious things – including our smile. It’s hard to smile without front teeth – I know. And we […]

Who is The Biggest Loser? We are, if we don’t take a stand

I join with Eating Disorders Victoria in encouraging you to email this Biggest Loser Letter, together with your own extra comments, to Dear Biggest Loser Producers, I am horrified to learn that the 2013 series of The Biggest Loser on Australian TV station, Channel Ten, will be open to contestants over the age of 15 years, as part of […]