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Why I love my body and I do really care

  I love my body and respect it as a vehicle for doing what I want in life. Carrie Arnold’s blog inspired me to reflect. When I was 20, 30 and 40, I did not love my body. It bothered me greatly. I did not feel at home in it. The eating disorder illness that […]

Write about your life and make it count

Writing your story is important – whether  to fulfil your personal dreams, share with family or publish for all to read – you are the only one who can really write about your life. I love to share my love of writing with people of every age and skill. In June this year, I am offering classes […]

Turn the page on ED – meet the authors in Brisbane

There will be tears, for sure, at our At Home with Eating Disorders conference, but laughter, too. Lots of it. Laughter is good medicine; together with love, I firmly believe it is the best antidote to ‘Ed’. To help you make the most of this inaugural event, we have organised two evening social dates for […]

Aussies crack 200 for Brisbane – look out, Ed!

Australian families are showing ‘Ed’ the door. Parents and carers from every state and territory will head for Brisbane next month, to attend our nation’s first eating disorder conference for carers. The conference, titled At Home with Eating Disorders, will be held in Brisbane, Queensland, on May 24th and 25th. With one month to go, […]

To beat ‘Ed’, we need to come out and shout!

I kept my eating disorder a secret for decades, fearing stigma and shame if people knew about it. I feared this re-action among family, friends and in the work place. Everywhere! But keeping the illness under wrap prolonged my suffering. ‘Ed’ thrives on secrecy and does all it can to persuade us to keep quiet. […]

It’s time for the Eating Disorder conference world to welcome sufferers

Hot on the heels of  Sufferers – an untapped resource in the field of eating disorders comes this insightful and stirring post from Shannon Cutts, Executive Director, MentorCONNECT: Thank you for inviting me to weigh in on what may be one of the most difficult issues remaining in the eating disorders field. It has long been my dream […]

Sufferers – an untapped resource in the field of eating disorders

I come from the ‘sufferer’ or ‘person with the eating disorder’ background, and over recent years I have started to wonder why more people ‘like me’ are not at eating disorder conferences – which I always find helpful and nurturing. I reached out to others in the ED field, and discussion has led to this article: Sufferers – […]

Rowing Oxford to London to Beat eating disorders

‘We will push our bodies to the limits to stop eating disorder sufferers from doing the same.’ Rowers’ motto Blisters on the palms of hands, early morning training, pushing the pain barrier – this was part of everyday life for my daughter, a rower with Melbourne University Boat Club. The physical, mental and emotional exertion […]

Midlife Eating Disorders – yes, they do happen

As a wife and mother suffering bulimia in the 1970s, the same tussle of thoughts preceded every meal – the mere thought of eating three meals in one day triggered debilitating anxiety. I was as yet unaware of the importance of eating three meals and three snacks a day in recovering from an eating disorder […]

Seeing the unseen: young males get eating disorders too

Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses. While they are often portrayed as disorders that only affect females, one in 10 people diagnosed with an eating disorder are male. However, the under-diagnosis and the cultural stigma boys and men face means that the actual proportion of males with eating disorders could be much higher. Nadia Micali, […]