Monthly Archives: May 2013

Binge Eating Disorder out of the closet

I suffered anorexia as a child, and transitioned to bulimia before the illness was given a name (by British psychiatrist Gerald Russell in 1979). But if I had developed Binge Eating Disorder (this month listed as a recognized illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – called the DSM-5) the recovery challenge […]

Families and carers the greatest motivators

They are out of the shadows. They are silent no more. They are connecting and sharing on the Internet. They are packing their bags and attending conferences. They are not feeling shamed, or blamed or failures. They are feeling empowered, hopeful and engaged. They are families and carers of people with eating disorders. They are […]

Rolling up our sleeves for science

The At Home with Eating Disorders Conference in Brisbane is, in one word, amazing. The conference opened this morning. A dream come true. From small things, big things can grow. In this instance, a widening awareness of  the serious need to provide improved treatment and support for sufferers of eating disorders. The Brisbane conference is […]

Cat purrs and hugs – ready for Aussie ‘first’ in Brisbane

Dora Cat saw the suitcase come out of the cupboard, watched as it was placed on the floor. ‘I know, June is off to another eating disorder conference! I want to go too. See, I don’t take up much room, and you know I am very, very good.’  (And remember, I’ve been purring encouragement to […]

Roll up your sleeve for science! I can hardly wait

Calling all sufferers of anorexia – help researchers find a cure If you have suffered anorexia nervosa at any point in your life, researchers want to hear from you. Why? Because you are in the hot seat to help find find the cause and a cure. Researchers in the United States, Sweden, Australia, and Denmark […]

Parents of children with eating disorders – it’s not your fault

The 2013 ‘At Home with Eating Disorders’ conference, Australia’s first gathering of carers for people with eating disorders, will end the blame game that has held parents responsible for their children’s illnesses. The carer’s conference, held in Brisbane from 23rd to 25th of May, will bring together national and international experts to recast the role of […]

Writing our own life canvas

As a diary-writer since age 12 (goodness, that’s 50 years of diary-writing!), I appreciate the importance of narrative – of writing as a survival and coping tool, as a form of self-expression, as a safe place in which to explore who we are and strive to make sense of our life.

Chronic anorexia – new treatment focus offers hope

As someone who suffered a chronic eating disorder for many years, I was considered by many to be too difficult to treat, and to have little hope of recovery. To hear people speak in such pessimistic terms was soul-crushing. Debilitating, awful. To recover, we need people to believe in us and this includes the treatment […]

Meet the mum behind The Boy Who Loved Apples

When people noticed Riche, the 11-year-old son of Australian Amanda Webster, was not only too skinny but dangerously ill, they were surprised and somewhat in disbelief. Do boys get anorexia? they asked. And then: How did he get it?  That was the question Australian mother, Amanda, asked herself, too. She had trained as a doctor; she knew […]

Hope and trust – a winning duo against anorexia

Is recovery from chronic anorexia nervosa possible? Throughout my long illness, I clung to a thread of hope that despite my late start in seeking help – I was in my late 20s –  I could regain my life and break free from the eating disorder’s debilitating effects. Somehow, thanks to wonderfully patient health professionals […]