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Aussies ready to roll up their sleeves for ANGI – C’mon!

  A jingle in Australia goes like this: C’mon Aussie, c’mon c’com, c’mon Aussie, c’mon. Its origin stems from our love of the summer game of cricket, of yelling as we watch balls being bowled and hit over the fence ‘for six’. It’s about doing our best. This national call is appropriate in bowling ED […]

The tipping point in recovery from enduring AN – understanding that magical moment

What is that magical moment that changes in the brain, when someone who has been sick with Anorexia Nervosa for more than 7 years, begins to recover? Why is that person suddenly able to start getting better? How do they make the switch from being captive to their eating disorder thoughts, to being able to focus […]

A lesson for teachers in addressing the eating disorder bully

Teachers are in a prime position to be among the first people to notice a child is developing symptoms of an eating disorder. As someone whose anorexia was triggered at school, I cannot emphasise this enough. Sometimes, friends of the child will notice the symptoms, and confide in the teacher. How the teacher responds – how […]

Conference sparks hope, fresh focus on connections and skills for eating disorder sufferers

I developed Anorexia Nervosa more than 50 years ago, when the illness was scarcely understood or recognized. For decades, throughout a long and lonely battle to recover and regain my life, I yearned to see eating disorders brought into the light, to be acknowledged and challenged. For me, the At Home with Eating Disorders conference […]

Meet Bulimia – the eating disorder bully you cannot see

High five for Out of Sight – a documentary about invisible eating disorders, one of which is Bulimia. If this video had been around when I was younger it would have helped me realise that I had an illness – not a weakness;  and my parents and sister would have understood the challenges that whirled in my mind. Knowledge […]

Feeling isolated and need support? Call Butterfly’s national helpline

Many  people who could not get to Australian’s much-needed At Home with Eating Disorders’ conference for families and carers are eager, and desperate, for information. Be assured, it is coming soon! The conference committee is deciding the best way to make recordings of the sessions by world leading researchers available and what, if any, cost will be involved. […]

A hug reminds a researcher of why his work matters

Professor Stephen Touyz, of the University of Sydney, has been attending international conferences on eating disorders for more than 30 years in Europe, North America and Australia. But until last week in Brisbane, he had not attended a conference with a focus on carers and families. You could say that this conference has ‘made all […]

Tools and hope inspire all in quest to oust ‘Ed’

The catalyst for Australia’s first eating disorder conference for families and carers occurred in November, 2011, when three Australians (June Alexander, Bridget and Tim Bonnin) attended the first FEAST Symposium in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Inspired and determined, the Aussies returned home and began making calls. Within a month, Elaine Painter, leader of the Eating Disorder […]