Monthly Archives: July 2013

Opportunity to be a recovery mentor – it helps you, too

One of the many delights upon regaining one’s life from an eating disorder is the opportunity of using our  recovery experience to help others. I have found that through helping others, I also help myself, for I feel fulfilled and purposeful. So mentoring is very much a win-all for everyone in our fight against eating […]

Assessing a new clinical resource for Anorexia Nervosa: Stories of recovery

Do you find stories about recovery from Anorexia Nervosa helpful? Certainly, when I was recovering from the illness, I found several memoirs very inspiring and they spurred me on the way to freedom. The most exciting revelations that gave me hope and to which I clung were that, hey, I was not alone (there were […]

Carers needed for peer support research

Opportunity to share wisdom from first hand experience is always to be welcomed. I believe that carers and consumers (sufferers) are a largely untapped resource in building evidence-based research in the eating disorder field. Hence my excitement at this call which comes via my dear friend and fantastic researcher, Dr Hunna Watson in  Western Australia. […]

Now you can be At Home with Eating Disorders – free video access

If you are at home, feeling you don’t know which way to turn because an eating disorder is causing havoc in your life, read on! Are you caring for a son, a daughter or partner who has an eating disorder? Or perhaps you have an eating disorder, as I did, and are trying to care […]

A stitch in time – and in the moment

Yay, I’ve knitted my first-ever cowl, a gift for my daughter – just had to try it on soon as I finished it while watching the Footy Show tonight. My paternal grandmother, who I loved very much, taught me to knit when I was a little girl – she must have had great patience as […]

Memoirs on eating disorders – what did you find helpful?

Readers are invited to share their favourite quotes/excerpts from helpful memoirs on eating disorders – I am co-authoring a research paper on the usefulness of memoirs in educating mental health nurses. I am particularly interested in short passages, even one-liners, that you have found particularly helpful, and why this resonated and connected so strongly with […]