Monthly Archives: October 2013

Eating disorders are family disorders – NIMH director speaks from the heart

Eating disorders are family disorders. Keynote speaker at this year’s National Eating Disorder Conference, Dr Thomas Insel, was speaking from the heart. The Federal government shutdown meant he could not speak as director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) so Dr Insel, the father of two children born in the late 1970s, spoke […]

A day out with ‘ED’ – lobbying in Washington DC

The US Government was in shutdown mode over budget indecision, the rain was falling, but none of this dampened the spirit of participants in the NEDC annual lobby day today in Washington DC. I joined the wonderful Maudsley Parents team of Harret and Rina, and Cheryl, and we met with three congressmen and the staff of […]

No shut down on eating disorders in Washington DC

Hello Everyone, from Washington DC! I am here in Washington until early Sunday, for the NEDC conference which starts tomorrow with a Lobby Day,  on Capitol Hill, to raise awareness of eating disorders with the nation’s decision-makers. Sadly the planning for this event is affected by the government shutdown (hope this is resolved by tomorrow, […]

Multi-family therapy – providing strength and support for families

The more I listen to families share their stories – mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters – about how they have helped their child, or brother or sister, recover from Anorexia Nervosa through multi-family therapy, the more I want this treatment, together with family based therapy, to be available everywhere, in every country. The sufferers of this […]

Lunch at Covent Garden and feeling understood – boo to you, Anorexia Nervosa

Pooky and I met at London Victoria Station in London today. From there we caught the ‘tube’, with Pooky leading the way, to Covent Garden, to find a nice quiet restaurant in which to have a long lunch – like about four hours:-). So much to share, making the most of the moment. We laughed […]

‘The struggle is my life’ – and this is what makes it worthwhile

Today, on the way to a lunch-time meeting with the senior editor at Routledge who looks after my little stable of books on eating disorders, I came across Nelson Mandela. His bust, anyway. It stands on London’s South Bank, beside the Royal Festival Hall. I stood for several minutes and gazed at the bust of […]