Monthly Archives: December 2013

Trust in your true self and your path becomes clear

I can hardly believe I am the same person who lived in the darkness of an eating disorder for four decades, but I know I am, and this makes life more beautiful Two events have made 2013 very special for me – Australia’s first national conference for families and carers on eating disorders, held at […]

This Christmas, focus on relationships – and let food take care of itself

Christmas is one of the toughest times of the year, and not only because you get carried away by the commercialism spin and spend too much on presents. The true meaning of Christmas is wonderful of course – the birth of Christ lighting a beacon of hope for all the world. But the other warm […]

The journal – an ally in eating disorder recovery

A Christmas gift of a journal when I was 11 years old began a lifetime love of journaling. We bonded immediately and the journal became my best friend. Writing a journal helped me to not only survive but also to recover from my eating disorder. So it is, that every December, I feel excited at […]

Diary writing – a tool for healing and self-renewal

The Christmas gift of a small, pale green, soft-covered, day-to-a-page diary was the best thing that happened to me in 1962. Early that year I had developed Anorexia Nervosa. I developed Anorexia at age 11, at a time when mental illness was an embarrassment and family-based therapy and multi-family based therapy were unheard of. The […]