Monthly Archives: January 2014

Taking issue with ‘non-compliant’ in eating disorder care

“J” has been sent home from hospital as ‘non-compliant’. We have nowhere to turn; every hospital and clinic in our State has given up on “J”. She is 29 and has had Anorexia since she was 14; we are frightened we will lose her. “J” has lost everything, financially ruined, her car was repossessed, she […]

Friendship is a treasure to love and cherish, forever

‘What is “knowing” someone?’ my dear friend, Laura, asks. I awoke this Sunday morning, in the south-east corner of Australia, far from the USA and England, and began reading Laura’s heartfelt tribute to Charlotte before I was even half-dressed and have been thinking about her words ever since. Such is the beauty and power of […]

ANGI on track for 25,000 blood samples to detect Anorexia gene

Roll up, roll up, roll up your sleeve for science! Thousands of people who have experienced Anorexia Nervosa are doing just this. There is a great feeling of excitement and accomplishment in knowing that with every test tube filled, we each are contributing in a small but vitally important way to understanding and treating this […]

Meet my friend, the diary

When I was 13 years old, I physically attacked a city cousin who was twice as big as me. I was outdoors, helping on the farm, when another cousin disclosed rather flippantly that her brother was reading the diary that I kept under my pillow. I raced to the farmhouse, knocked my intruder cousin to […]