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Let’s get REAL about eating disorders

We-all-have-a-lot-of-work-to-do to get the right message out about eating disorders. Like, sift the truth from the crap. Here are a few truths to share: Parents do NOT cause eating disorders to develop in their children; children do NOT choose to develop an eating disorder; you do not need to be THIN to have an eating […]

A Girl Called Tim – An Eating Disorder Memoir By June Alexander

I developed Anorexia Nervosa at age 11. So began a journey of more than 40 years with two eating disorders. A Girl Called Tim is about an unrelenting quest to reclaim identity, grab hold of the hand of that little girl lost, and set out on new adventures to rebuild and explore true sense of […]

A call to poets – for poems about eating disorders

Firstly, a heart-felt thank you to the many people responding to the call for diary and journal writers with experience of an eating disorder. Your enthusiasm is amazing and already, wonderful contributions for Using Writing as a Resource to Treat Eating Disorders: The Diary Healer are landing cheerily in my Inbox. This post contains a special message […]

Listen: the voice of the nurse in eating disorder care

We learn what an eating disorder is like by listening to sufferers and families. But the picture is incomplete: to improve eating disorder care, the voices of nurses and clinicians must be heard too. Gill Todd was clinical nurse leader for eating disorders at the UK’s South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust when she retired in […]

Calling diary and journal writers with experience of an eating disorder

Hop on board a new literary adventure by sharing excerpts of your diary writing in a book to be called  The Diary Healer. In this book I am setting out to demonstrate how writing a diary or journal can help us understand, inspire, heal and liberate our self and at the same time provide a tool to educate others […]