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The cost of hiding an eating disorder, pretending you are okay

Many  people who have an eating disorder are terrified of others close to them knowing about it. I refer to people who are able to attend school, attend college, go to work, be a parent. People who have an eating disorder and pretend, to their outside world at least, that they are okay. The cost is […]

How a chocolate fish came to cross the ocean blue in bid for Anorexia cure

There was a package to collect at the post office. Curiosity mounted as the postmaster handed a small, well-padded package over the counter. The sender’s address: UNC Center of Excellence of Eating Disorders. I got as far as my car before excitement got too much – I opened the package and … released a beautiful chocolate fish! […]

A feast for the soul, a magic carpet for the mind – that’s life writing

The vacant seat beside me on a recent flight to New York meant I had room to spread out. This was a bonus. Other passengers were absorbed in watching movies on the little screens in front of them, or were snoozing, but I had work to do – a feast of short stories to read. […]

Getting Better Bite by Bite – how you can help with 2nd edition

Having been ’embedded and submerged’ in the content of Getting Better Bit(e) by Bite(e) for  the past month or more, I want to say, what a great book this is. Professors Ulrike Schmidt and Janet Treasure wrote ‘Bite by Bite‘ as a self-help book for sufferers of Bulimia Nervosa, and binge eating disorders, in 1993. […]

Can stories of survival help others?

Do you find survival stories helpful, inspiring? Psychologist and PhD candidate at The University of Sydney, Lisa Dawson, is leading research into how the personal accounts of those who survive Anorexia Nervosa can help others. See story (left) published by The Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sydney, this week. Sydney Daily Telegraph-April 29-2014 Lisa’s previous research, in which I […]