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Grandparents can gain freedom from eating disorders too

Eating disorders occur at every age. Scientists don’t know the specific cause, but latest research suggests genetics plays a sizeable hand…around 50 per cent influence or more. It’s almost enough to say ‘well, it’s in the family; there is nothing I can do’. Ah, but there is plenty you can do! Today I had the […]

You did not cause the eating disorder but you can help the healing

An eating disorder can be confusing for not only the person with the illness, but for their family and friends. If unaware, family members can get caught up in the eating disorder behaviours, and inadvertently support the eating disorder rather than their loved one. Knowledge is power, for often the person with the eating disorder […]

Seventeen stories of eating disorder survival

No two stories of recovery from an eating disorder are the same. ‘Recovery’, what this means,  also may differ from one person to another. That’s okay. That’s good. Because no two people are the same. You are an individual in your own right. What matters is that you find a way to regain your self […]