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Throwing starfish across the sea – a message for you and me

Strolling in the gorgeous, lazy hazy autumn sunshine along the pier at Portarlington this afternoon, my thoughts turned to “Throwing Starfish Across the Sea”, a book by Charlotte Bevan and Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh, for parents of patients with an eating disorder. Charlotte, your indomitable spirit lives on, and Laura, looking forward to seeing you soon.

Eating Disorders – guidance for family members

Laura Chapman, a writer and editor specializing in articles on mental health and well-being, has gathered helpful information for families who suspect, or maybe don’t suspect, that an eating disorder has developed in their midst:

Socking it to ED_take a look

Sometimes the darkest moment can be a catalyst for light. At the 2010 AED Salzburg ICED four members of the AED Patient-Carer Committee – Kitty Westin, Laura Collins, Carrie Arnold and myself — were eating lunch outside at a sidewalk café when news came through that Erin, the daughter of fellow PCC member Joan Riederer, had died […]

Fear no more: get fierce at Australia’s At Home with Eating Disorders Conference

Move over Eating Disorders, you undercover bully, invisible master of disguise. Your secret is out. You don’t scare us any more. Vacate, right now. You have been warned. Note this in your diary: Melbourne, May 29-30, 2015. D-Day.  Our message is loud, and clear: We no longer live alone, in fear of you. We stand united. We are […]