Monthly Archives: April 2015

Holding on to hope and taking a new path leads to Boston

During the 40 years that ‘ED’ dominated my mind, and interrupted my life, little did I think that one dayI would stand on the stage at an Academy for Eating Disorders Conference, (ICED, Boston 2015) and receive an award, together with Joan Riederer, Judy and Laura Collins…for happily doing what I feel is my life mission. […]

‘Hello, you don’t know me’ — it helps to know you are not alone with ED

This week I will be Boston for the AED ICED. This letter sums up why: “Hello, you don’t know me, but i feel as though I know you from reading your book ‘A Girl Called Tim’  my name is Kat and I’m from North Wales. I became glued to the book within the first few pages and many […]

Fiction and eating disorders – exploring connections in story-telling

Connections between fiction-reading and mental health are being explored by UK charity Beat and a University of Oxford research fellow. The first phase of the project involved an online survey.

Dear Mother, the eating disorder took so much from us

Dear Mum, I hope the Internet reaches to Heaven, because this post is especially for you. I wish we had had the chance to know each other better. The eating disorder took so much from us. Love always, June Thank you, for helping to raise awareness that sufferers of anorexia can make their experience […]