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Living: carers and caring, friends and sharing

Magical Day Out: maneuvered various modes of transport & arrived at national carer conference on time for diary workshop … Carers (the mums and dads, and nurses) were totally inspiring and time literally flew. I feel humbled and honored to opportunity to share with them and to hear their stories of courage. From one big […]

Take note: Morning rush is all part of taking care of your self

Tomorrow (Thursday), I will be up before sunrise, 4am, to drive, take a train, catch a tram, to Melbourne for our 2nd national carer conference. If you hear of someone causing a traffic jam, you will know that’s me, especially if the report describes a grandmother pulling a suitcase full of books…on eating disorders (of […]

Taking Care of Your Self – ‘This Is Your Story’ Workshop

Caring for your self is a vital part of helping a child, patient or partner recover from an eating disorder. In fact, science tells us that self-care is imperative for supporting carers in their efforts to cope with caregiving and help with their loved one’s recovery**. The diary is an excellent tool to help you […]