Monthly Archives: June 2015

Coming out proud to shoo away stigma

We can all do something to help erase stigma that affects way too many lives. Coming out, writing about it, talking about experiences, can help break down walls of misconception, help truth reign. I feel honoured to be a contributor in Patrick Corrigan’s new book ‘Coming Out Proud to Erase the Sigma of Mental Illness: […]

Bite Sized: a mother’s story

Bite Sized is a mother’s perspective on her daughter’s eating disorder. The first page reads:    One day our daughter got anorexia The second page is equally sparse:    Of course, it wasn’t that simple When a child has a serious illness, like an eating disorder, the parents-cum-caregivers need to heal, too. Healing comes in […]

Dear Olivia Rose, why I’m glad you love rainbows

This article is available here on  Dear Olivia Rose, When you were several days old, in 2010, I wrote my first letter to you, as the epilogue in my memoir, A Girl Called Tim, explaining why there is no room for ED in our family. Now you are five, and I am writing again. […]

Rainbow shows the way in eating disorders – aim high, aim for the sky

IMG_2576 Rainbow treat: This link is for everyone who loves rainbows like my grand daughter, Olivia Rose, age five, who adores them. I felt like a five-year-old myself. I stopped the car on busy road this afternoon to soak up the beauty of Nature. How blessed are we! My first attempt at a video, such is […]