Monthly Archives: September 2015

Healing: a never-ending process of self-discovery

I am writing from ‘a room with a view’ from a hospital in Melbourne…sigh, third admission in eight weeks…this time I have a lovely, lovely view…my eighth floor room is looking over part of Melbourne CBD and you can see a tram and beyond in the distance a small patch of blue which is Port Phillip […]

Healing goes on and on with ‘Life Without Ed’

In 2004 the book Life Without Ed, boosted my efforts in gaining reconnection with ‘me’. I had been ‘lost’ for 44 years with an eating disorder and, within 12 months of reading this book, I was ‘found’. Author Jenni Schaefer has released a 10th Anniversary update, and I am thrilled. Of course, more than one book was required to help me […]

Putting mental ill health on the table in Australia – yes, your voice counts

Symptoms of an eating disorder are often misdiagnosed, thereby prolonging the suffering of both the patient and their family. Often, the ED is accompanied by other mental health challenges…for instance, I experienced chronic anxiety and depression, in addition to anorexia nervosa. I am dedicated to help raise awareness of this reality and therefore with great […]