Monthly Archives: October 2015

Thanks, Doctor, for ‘not beating about the bush’

I admire people who don’t ‘beat about the bush’. If something difficult has to be said, they tell it straight. Two days ago, two doctors, one male and one female, came into my room at a Melbourne rehabilitation hospital, deftly took up positions either side of my bed and, before I had scarcely noticed their presence, the […]

Grandma, can I ride on your chariot?

For three months, visits with my five grand children have been hospital-based. When three years old, and five years old, the attention span is about one minute in this environment, and when you are a nine-year-old boy, you feel just plain awkward. But my chariot is saving the day. That, and a few other things besides. For instance, I don’t […]

Grandma’s great hospital escapade _ have chariot will travel

Today, I admit to being a rebellious Grandma. My soul was wilting. After six weeks in hospital without feeling the sun’s warmth upon my face, implosion was nigh. An escapade with my chariot (four-wheeled walker) has avoided a full-blown meltdown. My medical team kindly granted day leave, ‘providing you have a carer‘, due to Melbourne having a public holiday*. I sent text […]