Monthly Archives: December 2015

ANGI is giving hope this Christmas

Christmas was a particularly awful time when Anorexia Nervosa ruled my life. Another year was drawing to a close, and I remained a prisoner of the illness. The surrounding bright and bubbly festive gaiety clashed horribly with inner anguish and self-loathing. Not any more. Today ANGI gives me great cause to be hopeful and in a celebratory mood. To […]

Family, friends, health and peace _ giving thanks this Christmas

The joy and meaning of Christmas, and gratefulness for family, friends and supportive health system, makes my heart sing loudly this year. Four months in hospital, due to spinal cord and kidney ailments, gave me plenty of time to think about life, and how precious it is. I extend appreciation to my children, grand children, […]

Getting Better Bite by Bite – Give Yourself a Gift

Are you feeling less than excited about Christmas? Does thinking about ‘all that festive food’ turn you off? When you have an eating disorder like bulimia nervosa or binge eating, anxiety can build into a crescendo. Fearful thoughts may cram your brain, like: “How can I appear ‘normal’ and eat happily like everyone else?” Here is […]