Monthly Archives: February 2016

Teeth literally crumbled out of my mouth: how ED can cause a dental debacle

If you have an eating disorder, feel no shame and tell your dentist. This is the message from Holly, who is sharing her story to emphasise the importance of dental care when suffering an eating disorder.  For many years, Holly had nothing to smile about. This is Holly’s story: I was parentless and lost everything by age […]

Your chance to direct eating disorder research

What are the top unanswered questions or “uncertainties” in the eating disorders field that are not being addressed by current research? To find out, the Patient/Carer Committee (PCC)  of the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) invites your help. The PCC has organised a project to locate the most pressing needs, or gaps, in the research. It only […]

Holistic, person-centred approach to mental health a focus in Western Australia – conference

Richmond Wellbeing, a not for profit organisation, has been developing the mental health industry and supporting the community in Western Australia for the past 40 years. The WA Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) Conference is coming up on 10-11 March and four of the conference speakers will hail from Richmond Wellbeing, and present on prevalent mental […]

What do you like or dislike about you?

Would you like to contribute to the creation of an inspirational video for International Women’s Day on March 8? If so, Lilac Sheer, who has Ana on the run, has a message via me for you. Lilac writes: I’m creating a really cool women’s empowerment video for women’s day. The song talks about the days we […]

Music video puts Ana on the run

… And I refuse to run & hide Yes I know you from inside, And I won’t live this lonely life anymore These are the closing lines in ‘Ana‘, a music video created to promote awareness for eating disorders. I wish this video had been around when I was a kid. It would have helped me […]

No front teeth, so hard to smile — getting the drill on ED

Eating disorders rob us of many precious things – including our smile. It’s hard to smile without front teeth – I know. Anorexia affected my teeth, especially my two top front teeth, as an eleven-year-old. I felt self-conscious and tried not to smile. And we need to smile, for smiling allows light and warmth into […]