Monthly Archives: March 2016

Finding room for food and feelings

Food and feelings: making room for both of these life essentials can be a challenge when you have an eating disorder, and when you are recovering from this very serious illness. In the second of a series on eating disorders, I chat with Lynda Cheldelin Fell, founder of the Grief Diaries Series. Grief Diaries: Through […]

Global eating disorder day a catalyst for hope and action

I can see that, for many years, since I fell prey to anorexia nervosa, much of my creative energy has been wasted in a negative way, for I have turned it on myself; my own private obsession with food has robbed me of my true self…            Diary excerpt, age 38, in 1989 […]

Get on board with World Eating Disorders Action Day

Eating Disorders can’t hide any more. Organizations and individuals are uniting across the globe to advocate for change and take action against eating disorders. The focus is our first-ever World Eating Disorders Action Day, to be held on June 2 this year. This inaugural day provides a platform for diverse global populations to share accurate […]

Early intervention for adults with disordered eating – CEED seeks your help in developing a resource

Many adults with disordered eating and body dissatisfaction lack knowledge that they are at risk of a serious mental health condition. Even if they start to realise something is amiss, they often don’t know where to find help and what to do to resolve these problems. The team at the Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating […]

Hear our Voice on World Eating Disorders Action Day, June 2

Arising sleepy-eyed at for an international teleconference with wide-awake women in the northern hemisphere is part of the fun of helping to arrange our world’s first ever Eating Disorders Action Day. I love it. The first World Eating Disorders Action Day will take place on June 2, 2016 and generate information virtually around the globe. […]

Women, let’s love our imperfections and celebrate being woman

‘Zoe’ is a music video promoting women’s self love and acceptance. Taking part in this project was fun, watching it makes me feel more happy with who I am; more connected with others, more in love with life. Thank you, Lilac Sheer, for commemorating International Women’s Day, on March 8, in this creative and meaningful way. […]