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Caring starts young; let’s act like Amelia and care for our young

Carers come in all shapes and sizes, my youngest being four-year-old grand-daughter Amelia. Amelia provides light relief and perfect balance to my writing passion for raising awareness of eating disorders. This week on a grandma visit, Amelia got busy looking through my kitchen drawers to find a plastic shopping bag. She then asked for a pair […]

When Grandma Found her Voice: It’s Never Too Late to Recover from an Eating Disorder

To go from suffering silently, feeling alienated and misunderstood as a child, to be helping to organise the first World Eating Disorders Action Day on June 2, is a pinnacle moment in my life. This is my story. To be working with others, around the world, who share a passion to do what it takes for eating […]

Carers of eating disorder patients face dual challenge _ they need care too

Caring for somebody who has a mental illness is challenging, exhausting, worrying and life changing in equal measures; but when you care for a loved one suffering an eating disorder you must rise to the dual challenges of meeting the physical and emotional needs of a sick loved one. Louise Sezgin of Plymouth Eating Disorders Support Group, […]

Korean people get eating disorders too

The buildup to World Eating Disorder Action Day on June 2 is gathering pace like a beautiful breeze heralding goodwill to all. From a ground force swell, support for this historic event is reaching into all corners of the globe. Including Korea. For eating disorders do not discriminate. They affect people all ages and all races. […]

Call for co-scientists in multi family therapy group research for adults

Starting treatment for Anorexia Nervosa in my 30s, after developing the illness as a child, made for a tough recovery path. Illness effects linger, especially with  interpersonal relationships. I understand why Professor Mary Tantillo calls eating disorders the ‘diseases of disconnection’. Some relationships can be saved and even enriched but others, especially when the eating disorder has had […]

Professional woman in her forties, starving – what can her best friend do? Act

Watching a dear friend descend into the hell of an eating disorder can cause feelings of utter helplessness – what to do, how to help? When her friend developed anorexia nervosa more than 12 months ago, Judy Baulch was feeling ‘absolutely powerless’. “Helplessness was accompanied by frustration and disbelief as the cracks my friend had fallen through in the […]