Monthly Archives: May 2016

Achieving global change starts at home – so sign the pledge on Ed

From around the world to home town, eating disorder activists and advocates are chirping and tweeting like a massive flock of beautiful birds. We are flexing our wings, beginning to venture forth from our nests. We are preparing to fly around our homes and around the world with the message that eating disorders are treatable illnesses […]

In sharing stories we can help others and our self

Learning I was not the only one in the world with my difficult, painful, bossy thoughts, was a revelation in realising I had a mental illness and could heal from it. This revelation came about through reading the stories of others. Sharing our stories provides a vital function in letting others know they are not […]

Help researchers understand ED recovery process – share your story in survey

Through collaboration, solutions will be found to the eating disorder mystery. We can all help. Including you. Your experience counts! In many, many important ways. For instance, Kelly Romano, a student in Florida State University’s Mental Health Counseling M.S./Ed.S program, is completing a masters-level thesis on the eating disorder recovery process and seeks your help. By participating in […]

Olivia Rose, why I am glad I did not give up

Today, I sat in class with Olivia Rose at grandparents’ day at her school. My story could have been so, so different. Olivia Rose, I am glad I did not give up, that I reached out and found help to beat my illness, because I am here to enjoy you and our beautiful family… Letter to […]

Join the cicadas chorusing loudly to advocate about eating disorders around the world

I liken my life to that of a cicada, an insect that lives underground in the dark for many years, before emerging into the light for a brief and noisy appearance. Upon receiving the Meehan/Hartley Award for Public Service and Advocacy, at the Academy of Eating Disorders ICED,  I was allowed two minutes in the […]

My Life is My Message (Mohandas Gandhi) sets scene for ED conference and beyond

“My Life is My Message” — Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948). Five words say it all. To come across Mr Gandhi’s statue on my first walkabout upon arriving in San Francisco today, for the 2016 AED ICED, was ever so meaningful (together with the gorgeous sunshine, fresh sea breeze, that dealt with jet lag fast). Together with […]