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Workshop on the diary as a therapeutic tool for eating disorders

A memorable ‘double premiere’ occurred in Brisbane, Australia, yesterday…the young, highly motivated team at the Centre for Integrative Health held their first workshop and I was honoured to be the presenter, with The Diary Healer as the focus. Thank you, Dr Kiera Buchanan, Kate Pollard, Marita Cooper and Alanah Robinson from CFIH and also I […]

Tribute to my bestest friend who stuck by me…when others walked away

This story is about friendship, a bond that knows no bounds. Helen created the word ‘bestest’. It sums up our friendship perfectly. We met at the Lindenow district primary school sports day in 1962. Two shy sixth grade girls, from separate one-room schools, Fernbank and Woodglen. We exchanged names and found we would both attend […]

Reflection a tool for self-discovery and renewal

In several days, 2015 will begin. This small pocket of time, between Christmas and New Year, is a grand opportunity to pause and reflect — like inserting a dot between finishing one chapter of life and starting another. Such time provides a chance to attend to items requiring closure, to repackage wayward thoughts, beliefs and […]

Let’s get REAL about eating disorders

We-all-have-a-lot-of-work-to-do to get the right message out about eating disorders. Like, sift the truth from the crap. Here are a few truths to share: Parents do NOT cause eating disorders to develop in their children; children do NOT choose to develop an eating disorder; you do not need to be THIN to have an eating […]

A day out with ‘ED’ – lobbying in Washington DC

The US Government was in shutdown mode over budget indecision, the rain was falling, but none of this dampened the spirit of participants in the NEDC annual lobby day today in Washington DC. I joined the wonderful Maudsley Parents team of Harret and Rina, and Cheryl, and we met with three congressmen and the staff of […]

Now you can be At Home with Eating Disorders – free video access

If you are at home, feeling you don’t know which way to turn because an eating disorder is causing havoc in your life, read on! Are you caring for a son, a daughter or partner who has an eating disorder? Or perhaps you have an eating disorder, as I did, and are trying to care […]

Tools and hope inspire all in quest to oust ‘Ed’

The catalyst for Australia’s first eating disorder conference for families and carers occurred in November, 2011, when three Australians (June Alexander, Bridget and Tim Bonnin) attended the first FEAST Symposium in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Inspired and determined, the Aussies returned home and began making calls. Within a month, Elaine Painter, leader of the Eating Disorder […]

500 call for 24-hour support line

We have more than 500 signatures on our petition: Minister for Mental Health: Fund a life saving 24-hour Support Line for Eating Disorders sufferers. This is an enormous accomplishment and I want to thank you so much making a stand for change. Our petition will remain open until Oct 04, 2012, allowing you and your supporters to […]