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Poetry and song help healing and keep advocacy wheels turning

Often we might wonder if what we do, really matters. Working on World Eating Disorders Action Day has mattered, and will continue to matter…because we, and others who come on board for however long on this journey, will make it matter. Being a member of the steering committee for this amazing, first-ever, World Eating Disorders Day […]

Achieving global change starts at home – so sign the pledge on Ed

From around the world to home town, eating disorder activists and advocates are chirping and tweeting like a massive flock of beautiful birds. We are flexing our wings, beginning to venture forth from our nests. We are preparing to fly around our homes and around the world with the message that eating disorders are treatable illnesses […]

In sharing stories we can help others and our self

Learning I was not the only one in the world with my difficult, painful, bossy thoughts, was a revelation in realising I had a mental illness and could heal from it. This revelation came about through reading the stories of others. Sharing our stories provides a vital function in letting others know they are not […]

Olivia Rose, why I am glad I did not give up

Today, I sat in class with Olivia Rose at grandparents’ day at her school. My story could have been so, so different. Olivia Rose, I am glad I did not give up, that I reached out and found help to beat my illness, because I am here to enjoy you and our beautiful family… Letter to […]

My Life is My Message (Mohandas Gandhi) sets scene for ED conference and beyond

“My Life is My Message” — Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948). Five words say it all. To come across Mr Gandhi’s statue on my first walkabout upon arriving in San Francisco today, for the 2016 AED ICED, was ever so meaningful (together with the gorgeous sunshine, fresh sea breeze, that dealt with jet lag fast). Together with […]

Caring starts young; let’s act like Amelia and care for our young

Carers come in all shapes and sizes, my youngest being four-year-old grand-daughter Amelia. Amelia provides light relief and perfect balance to my writing passion for raising awareness of eating disorders. This week on a grandma visit, Amelia got busy looking through my kitchen drawers to find a plastic shopping bag. She then asked for a pair […]

Carers of eating disorder patients face dual challenge _ they need care too

Caring for somebody who has a mental illness is challenging, exhausting, worrying and life changing in equal measures; but when you care for a loved one suffering an eating disorder you must rise to the dual challenges of meeting the physical and emotional needs of a sick loved one. Louise Sezgin of Plymouth Eating Disorders Support Group, […]

Korean people get eating disorders too

The buildup to World Eating Disorder Action Day on June 2 is gathering pace like a beautiful breeze heralding goodwill to all. From a ground force swell, support for this historic event is reaching into all corners of the globe. Including Korea. For eating disorders do not discriminate. They affect people all ages and all races. […]

Global eating disorder day a catalyst for hope and action

I can see that, for many years, since I fell prey to anorexia nervosa, much of my creative energy has been wasted in a negative way, for I have turned it on myself; my own private obsession with food has robbed me of my true self…            Diary excerpt, age 38, in 1989 […]

Get on board with World Eating Disorders Action Day

Eating Disorders can’t hide any more. Organizations and individuals are uniting across the globe to advocate for change and take action against eating disorders. The focus is our first-ever World Eating Disorders Action Day, to be held on June 2 this year. This inaugural day provides a platform for diverse global populations to share accurate […]