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Join Keanu Reeves in supporting World Eating Disorders Action Day_June 2

Keanu Reeves and other stars in To the Bone support World Eating Disorders Action Day. See their powerful message. Reeves, and other actors in the upcoming feature film based on one survivor’s true story are joining more than 200 organizations around the globe to unite for the cause on June 2, 2016. This inaugural grassroots campaign is shining a […]

Professional woman in her forties, starving – what can her best friend do? Act

Watching a dear friend descend into the hell of an eating disorder can cause feelings of utter helplessness – what to do, how to help? When her friend developed anorexia nervosa more than 12 months ago, Judy Baulch was feeling ‘absolutely powerless’. “Helplessness was accompanied by frustration and disbelief as the cracks my friend had fallen through in the […]

Hear our Voice on World Eating Disorders Action Day, June 2

Arising sleepy-eyed at for an international teleconference with wide-awake women in the northern hemisphere is part of the fun of helping to arrange our world’s first ever Eating Disorders Action Day. I love it. The first World Eating Disorders Action Day will take place on June 2, 2016 and generate information virtually around the globe. […]

Family, friends, health and peace _ giving thanks this Christmas

The joy and meaning of Christmas, and gratefulness for family, friends and supportive health system, makes my heart sing loudly this year. Four months in hospital, due to spinal cord and kidney ailments, gave me plenty of time to think about life, and how precious it is. I extend appreciation to my children, grand children, […]

Fiction and eating disorders – exploring connections in story-telling

Connections between fiction-reading and mental health are being explored by UK charity Beat and a University of Oxford research fellow. The first phase of the project involved an online survey.

Fear no more: get fierce at Australia’s At Home with Eating Disorders Conference

Move over Eating Disorders, you undercover bully, invisible master of disguise. Your secret is out. You don’t scare us any more. Vacate, right now. You have been warned. Note this in your diary: Melbourne, May 29-30, 2015. D-Day.  Our message is loud, and clear: We no longer live alone, in fear of you. We stand united. We are […]

Seventeen stories of eating disorder survival

No two stories of recovery from an eating disorder are the same. ‘Recovery’, what this means,  also may differ from one person to another. That’s okay. That’s good. Because no two people are the same. You are an individual in your own right. What matters is that you find a way to regain your self […]

Paper Cuts is the story about Jess – a film exposing mental health issues

Patrick McSherry, a producer on an independent feature film called “Paper Cuts”, has attracted my attention. “Paper Cuts” is the story of Jess, a young woman who returns to her childhood home to find her struggles with depression, eating disorders, and self-harm resurfacing, and must face the personal demons that she thought she left behind. […]

Get in the know with ED 101 video

I’m excited to share the link for “Eating Disorders 101”. This 90-second animated video hits home core facts about eating disorders, dispels misconceptions and encourages help seeking. The National Eating Disorders Collaboration, on which I serve as a ‘voice’ for patients and carers, has created this simple, powerful message. Greater understanding about mental health and […]

Advocacy: Helping others is a great way to help our own Self

In 2007  I publicly shared my inner story, with the hope that if I helped one eating disorder sufferer know that they had an illness from which they could recover, this would make my own suffering worthwhile. So began the most fulfilling, contented, purposeful period of my life. I became an advocate in raising awareness of […]