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Holistic, person-centred approach to mental health a focus in Western Australia – conference

Richmond Wellbeing, a not for profit organisation, has been developing the mental health industry and supporting the community in Western Australia for the past 40 years. The WA Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) Conference is coming up on 10-11 March and four of the conference speakers will hail from Richmond Wellbeing, and present on prevalent mental […]

1000 and counting – trailblazing research in fight against ED

We are very heartened by the continued response to the ANGI project**. We have collected over 1000 blood samples in Australia and nearly 7000 from all four countries! – wonderful wonderful news shared today by ANGI project coordinator in Australia, Richard Parker*.  Richard writes: Thank you sincerely for help – we couldn’t have come so far […]

Get in the know with ED 101 video

I’m excited to share the link for “Eating Disorders 101”. This 90-second animated video hits home core facts about eating disorders, dispels misconceptions and encourages help seeking. The National Eating Disorders Collaboration, on which I serve as a ‘voice’ for patients and carers, has created this simple, powerful message. Greater understanding about mental health and […]

Hope and trust – a winning duo against anorexia

Is recovery from chronic anorexia nervosa possible? Throughout my long illness, I clung to a thread of hope that despite my late start in seeking help – I was in my late 20s –  I could regain my life and break free from the eating disorder’s debilitating effects. Somehow, thanks to wonderfully patient health professionals […]

Recovery guide for sufferers – focus of Janet Treasure’s new book

Professor Janet Treasure wrote the highly respected and widely known book,  Anorexia Nervosa: A Survival Guide for Families, Friends and Sufferers, in 1997. I have had the pleasure of co-authoring the long-awaited update, released this month. The new edition builds on the work of the first book, providing essential new and updated research outcomes on anorexia […]

Unchecked, ED has no use-by date

‘ED’ of Eating Disorder notoriety, has no ‘Use By’ date. Without evidence-based treatment intervention, ‘ED’ doesn’t just ‘go away’. It thrives on torturing innocent minds and sending families into a spin. Band-aid treatment – a few weeks of therapy here and there – simply won’t work. It is like taking a cake out of the […]

When exercise is not fun

Exercise is good, but excessive or compulsive exercise can be dangerous. At age 13, Kristen embraced the outdoors and enjoyed cross-country running at school. She was not overweight, had never been a big eater, ate little junk food and was not concerned about her body image, but she did want to improve her personal best […]