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Binge eat? A self-help guide for sufferers and carers

If you binge eat or have bulimia, this new book will help you map your way to freedom: AED Forum Newsletter, Book Review Corner Peter Doyle, AED Book Reviewer Getting Better Bite by Bite: A Survival Kit for Sufferers of Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorders (Second Edition) by Ulrike Schmidt, Janet Treasure, and June Alexander (Routledge, […]

You look lovely in that dress – does a trigger go off?

‘You look lovely in that dress – it highlights your tiny waist.’ Do you respond: ‘Thank you, this dress is one of my favorites. As for my waist, I can thank my genes for that.’ And think nothing more of it. Hopefully. But if you have an eating disorder, the internal dialogue may be: ‘See, […]

Opportunity to be a recovery mentor – it helps you, too

One of the many delights upon regaining one’s life from an eating disorder is the opportunity of using our  recovery experience to help others. I have found that through helping others, I also help myself, for I feel fulfilled and purposeful. So mentoring is very much a win-all for everyone in our fight against eating […]

Assessing a new clinical resource for Anorexia Nervosa: Stories of recovery

Do you find stories about recovery from Anorexia Nervosa helpful? Certainly, when I was recovering from the illness, I found several memoirs very inspiring and they spurred me on the way to freedom. The most exciting revelations that gave me hope and to which I clung were that, hey, I was not alone (there were […]

Now you can be At Home with Eating Disorders – free video access

If you are at home, feeling you don’t know which way to turn because an eating disorder is causing havoc in your life, read on! Are you caring for a son, a daughter or partner who has an eating disorder? Or perhaps you have an eating disorder, as I did, and are trying to care […]

Meet Bulimia – the eating disorder bully you cannot see

High five for Out of Sight – a documentary about invisible eating disorders, one of which is Bulimia. If this video had been around when I was younger it would have helped me realise that I had an illness – not a weakness;  and my parents and sister would have understood the challenges that whirled in my mind. Knowledge […]

Rowing Oxford to London to Beat eating disorders

‘We will push our bodies to the limits to stop eating disorder sufferers from doing the same.’ Rowers’ motto Blisters on the palms of hands, early morning training, pushing the pain barrier – this was part of everyday life for my daughter, a rower with Melbourne University Boat Club. The physical, mental and emotional exertion […]

Faith and love the most powerful tonics of all

Recovery from an eating disorder requires help from many quarters. Boundless love of family and unwavering faith in God provided gave me strength to fight for freedom. Challenge, The Good News Paper, based in Perth, Western Australia, publishes this story in their June edition: June Alexander, who finally recovered from her eating disorders at age 55 […]

Mentoring – a gem in the recovery toolbag

Mentoring is one of the most under-valued skills and gifts around. The dictionary describes a mentor as ‘an experienced and trusted adviser’. Shannon Cutts is this and much more. I met Shannon at the 2009 NEDA conference in Minneapolis. There she was, with her lovely long hair and gorgeous smile, exactly as you see in this picture. Except […]

Standing up to the diet industry

Life isn’t fair. My psychiatrist said that to me, rather bluntly, years ago, when I was crying my way through a session about an injustice that had occurred as a result of my eating disorder. What he meant, when I calmed down sufficiently to reflect, was that by ceasing to expect life to be fair, […]