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A conversation on why listening to the patient’s story counts

The patient’s story counts. Growing recognition of this truth, that the narrative has an important role to play in illness recovery, is heartening. This is  particularly so in the field of eating disorders where many mysteries remain. Listening to the patient can provide the researcher, the clinician, the therapist, the family caregivers, and the patients […]

Did my recovery experience have to be so tortuous? Could the diary help?

Did my recovery experience have to be so tortuous? Could the diary have provided a more pro-active role in healing? I wanted to find out.
 Above all, the catalyst for my book The Diary Healer was a desire to explore and reveal the potential of diary writing as a therapeutic tool in self-renewal and healing. The story behind […]

Wanted: 100 research participants to compare anorexia nervosa types

Young UK researcher, Katie Linden, needs your help, fast! She wants to gather 100 participants before the end of July to assist her investigation on whether people who have experienced anorexia without body dysmorphia show the same local processing bias as people with more ‘typical’ anorexia. Here is the link. To help interest you in taking part, Katie answers […]

Give blood to help crack genetic code of anorexia – researchers’ call to United States and Australia

‘Grandma, when you were in hospital last year, were you really sick?’ My eldest grandson, aged nine, and I are walking home from the local shops, enjoying a little ‘us’ time, when he pops this question, out of the blue. I pause in my step. Almost drop my bundle. This little scenario is one big reason […]

Help researchers understand ED recovery process – share your story in survey

Through collaboration, solutions will be found to the eating disorder mystery. We can all help. Including you. Your experience counts! In many, many important ways. For instance, Kelly Romano, a student in Florida State University’s Mental Health Counseling M.S./Ed.S program, is completing a masters-level thesis on the eating disorder recovery process and seeks your help. By participating in […]

When Grandma Found her Voice: It’s Never Too Late to Recover from an Eating Disorder

To go from suffering silently, feeling alienated and misunderstood as a child, to be helping to organise the first World Eating Disorders Action Day on June 2, is a pinnacle moment in my life. This is my story. To be working with others, around the world, who share a passion to do what it takes for eating […]

Korean people get eating disorders too

The buildup to World Eating Disorder Action Day on June 2 is gathering pace like a beautiful breeze heralding goodwill to all. From a ground force swell, support for this historic event is reaching into all corners of the globe. Including Korea. For eating disorders do not discriminate. They affect people all ages and all races. […]

Call for co-scientists in multi family therapy group research for adults

Starting treatment for Anorexia Nervosa in my 30s, after developing the illness as a child, made for a tough recovery path. Illness effects linger, especially with  interpersonal relationships. I understand why Professor Mary Tantillo calls eating disorders the ‘diseases of disconnection’. Some relationships can be saved and even enriched but others, especially when the eating disorder has had […]

Your chance to direct eating disorder research

What are the top unanswered questions or “uncertainties” in the eating disorders field that are not being addressed by current research? To find out, the Patient/Carer Committee (PCC)  of the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) invites your help. The PCC has organised a project to locate the most pressing needs, or gaps, in the research. It only […]

The patient’s story holds a lesson for all

When I tentatively ‘came out’, after 40-plus years confined to a prison in the mind, I discovered many benefits in sharing my story in supportive and safe environments. The biggest reward was self-belief…a life essential that had been quashed by my eating disorder, and by the stigma and shame that goes with it. It has led to seven books, candidature in […]