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Dear Diary, I’m moving to

Recovering and healing from an eating disorder is an ongoing journey. Like life itself, the process can be as fulfilling and rewarding as we choose to make it. Accordingly, I am delighted to announce the time has come for, my website ‘home’ for the past six years, to transition to a new site, […]

An Enduring Relationship: the Patient and the Therapist Who Does Not Give Up

I was thirty-two, suicidal, and trapped in a self-destruction spiral when I met the psychiatrist who would save my life. I had developed anorexia nervosa at age eleven and the illness was embedded in my brain. ‘Prof’, as I called him, won my trust, saved my life. My therapy had no name. What mattered was […]

Join the cicadas chorusing loudly to advocate about eating disorders around the world

I liken my life to that of a cicada, an insect that lives underground in the dark for many years, before emerging into the light for a brief and noisy appearance. Upon receiving the Meehan/Hartley Award for Public Service and Advocacy, at the Academy of Eating Disorders ICED,  I was allowed two minutes in the […]

ANGI is giving hope this Christmas

Christmas was a particularly awful time when Anorexia Nervosa ruled my life. Another year was drawing to a close, and I remained a prisoner of the illness. The surrounding bright and bubbly festive gaiety clashed horribly with inner anguish and self-loathing. Not any more. Today ANGI gives me great cause to be hopeful and in a celebratory mood. To […]

Getting Better Bite by Bite – Give Yourself a Gift

Are you feeling less than excited about Christmas? Does thinking about ‘all that festive food’ turn you off? When you have an eating disorder like bulimia nervosa or binge eating, anxiety can build into a crescendo. Fearful thoughts may cram your brain, like: “How can I appear ‘normal’ and eat happily like everyone else?” Here is […]

The Diary – patriot or traitor

Diary writing may seem a simple self-help tool, requiring only pen, paper and time. However, the unwary diarist may become entrapped in self-defeating thoughts and anxieties, and be swept away in a sea of self-sabotage and self-doubt. Certainly, I did. For years. And years. My ‘Self’ became lost in the ocean that was the eating disorder. Regimented lists […]

Families and friends, like rings on a tree, are part of me

Families and friends, where does one start and the other end? For me, there is no beginning and no end. I reflect and marvel at how, at any age, new growth can bud. Family and friends encircle me. Their many elements form a priceless ring of love and support. When I waver, I am encouraged back on track; I’m told ‘you can ‘do it’, ‘try […]

Thanks, Doctor, for ‘not beating about the bush’

I admire people who don’t ‘beat about the bush’. If something difficult has to be said, they tell it straight. Two days ago, two doctors, one male and one female, came into my room at a Melbourne rehabilitation hospital, deftly took up positions either side of my bed and, before I had scarcely noticed their presence, the […]

Grandma, can I ride on your chariot?

For three months, visits with my five grand children have been hospital-based. When three years old, and five years old, the attention span is about one minute in this environment, and when you are a nine-year-old boy, you feel just plain awkward. But my chariot is saving the day. That, and a few other things besides. For instance, I don’t […]

Grandma’s great hospital escapade _ have chariot will travel

Today, I admit to being a rebellious Grandma. My soul was wilting. After six weeks in hospital without feeling the sun’s warmth upon my face, implosion was nigh. An escapade with my chariot (four-wheeled walker) has avoided a full-blown meltdown. My medical team kindly granted day leave, ‘providing you have a carer‘, due to Melbourne having a public holiday*. I sent text […]