A Girl Called Tim

Thank you for an extraordinary read of your book A Girl Called Tim. I bought the book and read it in two days. It is the only book ever I have read so fast and delved into every detail that you were describing. … I felt really sad for you that your mother used to call you Tim, and Toby when she was cross. I could not understand why she just didn’t call you June. To me right from the start it sounds like you were living like a boy. And it sounded like you were being that son for approval because that’s how you were identified.
… While family is not to blame for having an eating disorder, I believe family can contribute in some cases to the disorder and I think your family did contribute to it. You sound like a beautiful woman who was just not pointed in the right direction from the start and I commend your strength to keep healing. I cried when I read your letter in the book to your children.

… Julia.

Down Memory Lane at Yarram

A two-day Down Memory Lane workshop at Yarram, Gippsland, Victoria, produced a social history book rich in stories now preserved for families and the district in generations to come.  Here participants, aged 65 to 88, share their experience:

“I have enjoyed the comradeship which has developed between our group, and the variety of stories that has been written.”… Nancy.

“Give me a spanner to a pen any day, but I’ve got there (in writing my story) and enjoyed the experience.”… Malcolm.

“I enjoyed being part of a group, learning more about others’ lives and taking another path myself. The workshop has been enjoyable, fun and has given me pointers to writing the ‘whole’ story SOON!”… Jacqui.

“I never thought I would be able to write, as much as I wanted to. Now I want to add more to my life’s story.”… Margaret.

“Interaction with June the instructor and participants – sharing the memories has been great. The feedback from June was extremely helpful and will help me with further writing of my memoirs.”… Faye.

“June’s knowledge is exceptional and she has a clear way of conveying information.  I have learned much in ‘how to get started’ and the workshop has given me much to work on.  I’ll continue writing as a lot of the discussion between the participants has awakened long forgotten memories.”… Wendy.

“I enjoyed the whole lot. The infection enthuisasm that June has passed on its great and I reallly appreciate her support during the writing of my story. This short workshop has made me want to write more about my life.”… Marg.

Comments on the workshop:

“Friendly, relaxed, conducive to further work. I am interested in further workshops as I want to learn more.”… Lawrie.

“I have learnt a lot and enjoyed the company. I would like to attend further workshops so that I can expand my life story.”… Melva.