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Grandparents can gain freedom from eating disorders too

Eating disorders occur at every age. Scientists don’t know the specific cause, but latest research suggests genetics plays a sizeable hand…around 50 per cent influence or more. It’s almost enough to say ‘well, it’s in the family; there is nothing I can do’. Ah, but there is plenty you can do! Today I had the […]

Grandmothers can beat eating disorders too

Grandmothers have eating disorders too. Yes, they do. Often they have suffered since childhood. The eating disorder has denied these women a full life.  Left unchallenged the illness becomes entrenched with each passing year. Having cruelly sabotaged childhood, it proceeds to rob women of the freedom to fully embrace being a mother, and a grandmother. When I wrote my memoir, A […]

The Diary Healer – bridging the gap between science and the sufferer – sharing a PhD journey

I am a PhD candidate. I pinch myself. Is this real? Since regaining my true Self from the effects of Anorexia Nervosa in 2006, life has been amazing. Yes. But a PhD? How did this happen? I remain incredulous. I share my story because, if your life is being kept on hold by an eating […]

Can stories of survival help others?

Do you find survival stories helpful, inspiring? Psychologist and PhD candidate at The University of Sydney, Lisa Dawson, is leading research into how the personal accounts of those who survive Anorexia Nervosa can help others. See story (left) published by The Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sydney, this week. Sydney Daily Telegraph-April 29-2014 Lisa’s previous research, in which I […]

Thank you to Laura – the eating disorder advocate extraordinaire

Laura Collins has a lot to do with the fact that I have been able to write six books on eating disorders in the past six years, and am writing another three. The reason is this: Laura believes in me. After recovering from a four-decades-long eating disorder in 2007, I began to write my memoir […]

A Girl Called Tim – An Eating Disorder Memoir By June Alexander

I developed Anorexia Nervosa at age 11. So began a journey of more than 40 years with two eating disorders. A Girl Called Tim is about an unrelenting quest to reclaim identity, grab hold of the hand of that little girl lost, and set out on new adventures to rebuild and explore true sense of […]

Diary writing – a tool for healing and self-renewal

The Christmas gift of a small, pale green, soft-covered, day-to-a-page diary was the best thing that happened to me in 1962. Early that year I had developed Anorexia Nervosa. I developed Anorexia at age 11, at a time when mental illness was an embarrassment and family-based therapy and multi-family based therapy were unheard of. The […]

Punting on the River Cam – this is living

The wonders of recovering from an eating disorder never cease. Yesterday, I had a go at punting on the River Cam in beautiful Cambridge, England. Here I am, a grandmother, having the time of my life. Yes, My Life. Freedom from an eating disorder means exactly this – the freedom to do what I want to do. […]

As a mother, I see Ed clearly from both sides now

My mother began having trouble with me shortly after my 11th birthday. Suddenly her life-loving, sweet, compliant, eager-to-please little girl faded away. I became withdrawn, refused to eat or sit still. To see me running up and down the country roads, refusing to stop, even in the rain, and refusing to eat my favourite foods, even when […]

‘Coming out’ with an eating disorder – so glad I did

Fifty-one years ago, in 1962, I developed anorexia. I was 11 years old. An eating disorder is like a bully in the brain. It sabotages thoughts and feelings, and manipulates behaviour. It draws you away from loving relationships, and discourages the sharing of fears and uncertainties. The eating disorder pretends to be your friend – […]