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Workshop on the diary as a therapeutic tool for eating disorders

A memorable ‘double premiere’ occurred in Brisbane, Australia, yesterday…the young, highly motivated team at the Centre for Integrative Health held their first workshop and I was honoured to be the presenter, with The Diary Healer as the focus. Thank you, Dr Kiera Buchanan, Kate Pollard, Marita Cooper and Alanah Robinson from CFIH and also I […]

Donating blood to find a cure for Anorexia Nervosa – makes my life count

It’s positively heartwarming to watch how motivated people with histories of anorexia are to contribute to this study and help us crack the code of this devastating disorder. So many people are saying they will do anything to help prevent others from going through the living hell that anorexia put them through. We are so […]

Conference sparks hope, fresh focus on connections and skills for eating disorder sufferers

I developed Anorexia Nervosa more than 50 years ago, when the illness was scarcely understood or recognized. For decades, throughout a long and lonely battle to recover and regain my life, I yearned to see eating disorders brought into the light, to be acknowledged and challenged. For me, the At Home with Eating Disorders conference […]

Cat purrs and hugs – ready for Aussie ‘first’ in Brisbane

Dora Cat saw the suitcase come out of the cupboard, watched as it was placed on the floor. ‘I know, June is off to another eating disorder conference! I want to go too. See, I don’t take up much room, and you know I am very, very good.’  (And remember, I’ve been purring encouragement to […]

Writing our own life canvas

As a diary-writer since age 12 (goodness, that’s 50 years of diary-writing!), I appreciate the importance of narrative – of writing as a survival and coping tool, as a form of self-expression, as a safe place in which to explore who we are and strive to make sense of our life.

Chronic anorexia – new treatment focus offers hope

As someone who suffered a chronic eating disorder for many years, I was considered by many to be too difficult to treat, and to have little hope of recovery. To hear people speak in such pessimistic terms was soul-crushing. Debilitating, awful. To recover, we need people to believe in us and this includes the treatment […]

Turn the page on ED – meet the authors in Brisbane

There will be tears, for sure, at our At Home with Eating Disorders conference, but laughter, too. Lots of it. Laughter is good medicine; together with love, I firmly believe it is the best antidote to ‘Ed’. To help you make the most of this inaugural event, we have organised two evening social dates for […]

Aussies crack 200 for Brisbane – look out, Ed!

Australian families are showing ‘Ed’ the door. Parents and carers from every state and territory will head for Brisbane next month, to attend our nation’s first eating disorder conference for carers. The conference, titled At Home with Eating Disorders, will be held in Brisbane, Queensland, on May 24th and 25th. With one month to go, […]

Midlife Eating Disorders – yes, they do happen

As a wife and mother suffering bulimia in the 1970s, the same tussle of thoughts preceded every meal – the mere thought of eating three meals in one day triggered debilitating anxiety. I was as yet unaware of the importance of eating three meals and three snacks a day in recovering from an eating disorder […]

Midlife eating disorders – hear Professor Bulik in Brisbane

As a young mother in my twenties and thirties I encouraged my four children in many pursuits – swimming, ballet, brownies, cubs, tennis, horse riding lessons and more. But I never once jumped in the swimming pool and played with them. Or went to a dance rehearsal, or to a hockey match or gymkhana, or […]