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Workshop on the diary as a therapeutic tool for eating disorders

A memorable ‘double premiere’ occurred in Brisbane, Australia, yesterday…the young, highly motivated team at the Centre for Integrative Health held their first workshop and I was honoured to be the presenter, with The Diary Healer as the focus. Thank you, Dr Kiera Buchanan, Kate Pollard, Marita Cooper and Alanah Robinson from CFIH and also I […]

Help researchers understand ED recovery process – share your story in survey

Through collaboration, solutions will be found to the eating disorder mystery. We can all help. Including you. Your experience counts! In many, many important ways. For instance, Kelly Romano, a student in Florida State University’s Mental Health Counseling M.S./Ed.S program, is completing a masters-level thesis on the eating disorder recovery process and seeks your help. By participating in […]

Farewell Ginger and Dora – carers supreme

Ginger and Dora are at rest under the apple tree in my backyard. They lie beside my dog Titan, who passed away six years ago. They were all great mates. Together they were an incredibly important part of my eating disorder recovery team. Three of my grand children are visiting today and their visit is […]

The journal – an ally in eating disorder recovery

A Christmas gift of a journal when I was 11 years old began a lifetime love of journaling. We bonded immediately and the journal became my best friend. Writing a journal helped me to not only survive but also to recover from my eating disorder. So it is, that every December, I feel excited at […]

Lunch at Covent Garden and feeling understood – boo to you, Anorexia Nervosa

Pooky and I met at London Victoria Station in London today. From there we caught the ‘tube’, with Pooky leading the way, to Covent Garden, to find a nice quiet restaurant in which to have a long lunch – like about four hours:-). So much to share, making the most of the moment. We laughed […]

Punting on the River Cam – this is living

The wonders of recovering from an eating disorder never cease. Yesterday, I had a go at punting on the River Cam in beautiful Cambridge, England. Here I am, a grandmother, having the time of my life. Yes, My Life. Freedom from an eating disorder means exactly this – the freedom to do what I want to do. […]