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Did my recovery experience have to be so tortuous? Could the diary help?

Did my recovery experience have to be so tortuous? Could the diary have provided a more pro-active role in healing? I wanted to find out.
 Above all, the catalyst for my book The Diary Healer was a desire to explore and reveal the potential of diary writing as a therapeutic tool in self-renewal and healing. The story behind […]

An Enduring Relationship: the Patient and the Therapist Who Does Not Give Up

I was thirty-two, suicidal, and trapped in a self-destruction spiral when I met the psychiatrist who would save my life. I had developed anorexia nervosa at age eleven and the illness was embedded in my brain. ‘Prof’, as I called him, won my trust, saved my life. My therapy had no name. What mattered was […]

Professional woman in her forties, starving – what can her best friend do? Act

Watching a dear friend descend into the hell of an eating disorder can cause feelings of utter helplessness – what to do, how to help? When her friend developed anorexia nervosa more than 12 months ago, Judy Baulch was feeling ‘absolutely powerless’. “Helplessness was accompanied by frustration and disbelief as the cracks my friend had fallen through in the […]

Research call for clinicians, clients and carers with experience of inpatient care eating disorder services

Do you work in an Inpatient Paediatric Eating Disorder Program? or Have you previously spent time as an inpatient in a Paediatric Eating Disorder unit? or Are you the carer of a young person who has been admitted into an inpatient program for Paediatric Eating Disorders? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these […]

Family, friends, health and peace _ giving thanks this Christmas

The joy and meaning of Christmas, and gratefulness for family, friends and supportive health system, makes my heart sing loudly this year. Four months in hospital, due to spinal cord and kidney ailments, gave me plenty of time to think about life, and how precious it is. I extend appreciation to my children, grand children, […]

The Diary – patriot or traitor

Diary writing may seem a simple self-help tool, requiring only pen, paper and time. However, the unwary diarist may become entrapped in self-defeating thoughts and anxieties, and be swept away in a sea of self-sabotage and self-doubt. Certainly, I did. For years. And years. My ‘Self’ became lost in the ocean that was the eating disorder. Regimented lists […]

Dear Olivia Rose, why I’m glad you love rainbows

This article is available here on DebriefDaily.com  Dear Olivia Rose, When you were several days old, in 2010, I wrote my first letter to you, as the epilogue in my memoir, A Girl Called Tim, explaining why there is no room for ED in our family. Now you are five, and I am writing again. […]

Rainbow shows the way in eating disorders – aim high, aim for the sky

IMG_2576 Rainbow treat: This link is for everyone who loves rainbows like my grand daughter, Olivia Rose, age five, who adores them. I felt like a five-year-old myself. I stopped the car on busy road this afternoon to soak up the beauty of Nature. How blessed are we! My first attempt at a video, such is […]

Fiction and eating disorders – exploring connections in story-telling

Connections between fiction-reading and mental health are being explored by UK charity Beat and a University of Oxford research fellow. The first phase of the project involved an online survey.

Throwing starfish across the sea – a message for you and me

Strolling in the gorgeous, lazy hazy autumn sunshine along the pier at Portarlington this afternoon, my thoughts turned to “Throwing Starfish Across the Sea”, a book by Charlotte Bevan and Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh, for parents of patients with an eating disorder. Charlotte, your indomitable spirit lives on, and Laura, looking forward to seeing you soon.