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Help researchers understand ED recovery process – share your story in survey

Through collaboration, solutions will be found to the eating disorder mystery. We can all help. Including you. Your experience counts! In many, many important ways. For instance, Kelly Romano, a student in Florida State University’s Mental Health Counseling M.S./Ed.S program, is completing a masters-level thesis on the eating disorder recovery process and seeks your help. By participating in […]

Teeth literally crumbled out of my mouth: how ED can cause a dental debacle

If you have an eating disorder, feel no shame and tell your dentist. This is the message from Holly, who is sharing her story to emphasise the importance of dental care when suffering an eating disorder.  For many years, Holly had nothing to smile about. This is Holly’s story: I was parentless and lost everything by age […]

Take note: Morning rush is all part of taking care of your self

Tomorrow (Thursday), I will be up before sunrise, 4am, to drive, take a train, catch a tram, to Melbourne for our 2nd national carer conference. If you hear of someone causing a traffic jam, you will know that’s me, especially if the report describes a grandmother pulling a suitcase full of books…on eating disorders (of […]

The cost of hiding an eating disorder, pretending you are okay

Many  people who have an eating disorder are terrified of others close to them knowing about it. I refer to people who are able to attend school, attend college, go to work, be a parent. People who have an eating disorder and pretend, to their outside world at least, that they are okay. The cost is […]

Yes, I have a dream: the sock as a universal symbol of hope in stomping out ED

This story begins in 1962 when I developed Anorexia Nervosa. Back then there was no Eating Disorder Awareness Week,  or anything at all, to help my family understand the illness that had developed in my mind. For more than 40 years, the bully eating disorder kept me prisoner, destroyed relationships, almost took my life. Luckily […]

App-ily building bridges in eating disorder care and recovery

The Internet is fast filling gaps in eating disorder prevention, treatment and recovery. Recovery Record and Proud2Bme will be the subject of a concurrent session ‘Building Bridges Not Walls’ at this year’s NEDA Conference. Both are outstanding examples of how technology is helping people everywhere to connect and improve their lives with online support. Presenters Jenna Tregarthen, […]

Tonight a literary dinner with my friend Pooky and others

Writing books about eating disorders brings me into touch with amazing people around the world. I am very excited today (I am excited every day but especially today) because in London this evening I will meet dear friend  and writing colleague, Pooky Hesmondhaigh for the first time. Pooky has contributed to several of my books, […]

Up and away on seven-week book research trip to unravel the mystery of ED

After 18 months of planning, here I am in the Qantas Club lounge at Melbourne Airport. In one hour I will be in the air on the way to London, via Dubai. During the next seven weeks I will meet many people, in the UK, USA and Canada. The purpose of this trip is to […]

Sufferers – an untapped resource in the field of eating disorders

I come from the ‘sufferer’ or ‘person with the eating disorder’ background, and over recent years I have started to wonder why more people ‘like me’ are not at eating disorder conferences – which I always find helpful and nurturing. I reached out to others in the ED field, and discussion has led to this article: Sufferers – […]

Mum, I want you out of my life – a turning point for recovery

I felt absolutely devastated when I found my daughter had bulimia. She was about 18 and suffered from quantities of depression. My heart plummeted. Someone had told me this illness lasted for years. – a mother shares her wisdom as a carer in this extract  from Ed says U said: My daughter certainly was depressed, holed […]