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Bin the diet, feed the soul

For years I felt my soul was literally in tatters, like those bits of seaweed you see washed up on the seashore. My eating disorder had devoured it, squeezed all sense of self out of it. Left it vulnerable and exposed to the forces of the outside world. Left me with no safe haven, living […]

Weighing up online support

I regained me before ‘coming out of the closet’, so to speak, to share my experience of an eating disorder.  I have been exploring ‘online’ for about five years. That’s all. I have met many people online in this time and cherish the many friendships that have evolved from communicating in this way. Although I […]

Educators, take the blinkers off

With Australia’s first national eating disorder conference for families only 13 months away (May 23-25, Brisbane; can’t come soon enough), it is worth watching this Channel Seven Morning Show segment to know what the eating disorder field is up against in education in Australia. If ever there was any doubt that Australia needs an eating disorder […]

Once bitten, twice determined

“Amy Smith believes that anything is possible — her motto is ‘once bitten, twice determined’.” So says the updated bio for Jenny Craig CEO, Amy Smith, in the speakers’ details section for the AGSA Conference. All reference to Jenny Craig has been deleted. Amy, and AGSA conference organisers, I’ve a message for you: People who experience […]

Diet industry has no place in school environment

What is your image of a girl? What image comes to mind first? Who do you ‘see’ in your mind? Do you ‘see’ her body size, or do you ‘see’ her essence, her bubbly personality? And what images do girls have of themselves? What images will give them, the mothers of tomorrow, the most freedom […]