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Our blood counts – 3000 Aussies give blood to help find cure for anorexia nervosa

Blood donations from 3000 Australians and New Zealanders are assisting the journey to find the causes of anorexia nervosa. Well done, Australia and New Zealand! As an ardent supporter of this amazing research led by Professor Cynthia Bulik and her team and was excited today to receive the following letter from leading Australian researcher in the project, Professor Nick Martin: […]

Give blood to help crack genetic code of anorexia – researchers’ call to United States and Australia

‘Grandma, when you were in hospital last year, were you really sick?’ My eldest grandson, aged nine, and I are walking home from the local shops, enjoying a little ‘us’ time, when he pops this question, out of the blue. I pause in my step. Almost drop my bundle. This little scenario is one big reason […]

1000 and counting – trailblazing research in fight against ED

We are very heartened by the continued response to the ANGI project**. We have collected over 1000 blood samples in Australia and nearly 7000 from all four countries! – wonderful wonderful news shared today by ANGI project coordinator in Australia, Richard Parker*.  Richard writes: Thank you sincerely for help – we couldn’t have come so far […]

Mobile health app helping ANGI to crack genetic code of Anorexia

Recovery Record, the world’s largest mobile eating disorder community for practitioners and patients, is supporting a hallmark study seeking a cure for the eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa. Outsmarting the Anorexia Nervosa (AN) bully is hard work, 24/7. While recovery is possible at every age, the process of recovery will be much, much easier when scientists understand WHY […]

How a chocolate fish came to cross the ocean blue in bid for Anorexia cure

There was a package to collect at the post office. Curiosity mounted as the postmaster handed a small, well-padded package over the counter. The sender’s address: UNC Center of Excellence of Eating Disorders. I got as far as my car before excitement got too much – I opened the package and … released a beautiful chocolate fish! […]

Rolling up our sleeves to help ANGI find a cure

People like me who experience the illness, Anorexia Nervosa, want to make our life count; we want to do something so that others do not suffer like us.  And we can do something, something really special. We   can roll up our sleeves for science. Already, in Australia, 600 of us have participated in ANGI, […]

ANGI on track for 25,000 blood samples to detect Anorexia gene

Roll up, roll up, roll up your sleeve for science! Thousands of people who have experienced Anorexia Nervosa are doing just this. There is a great feeling of excitement and accomplishment in knowing that with every test tube filled, we each are contributing in a small but vitally important way to understanding and treating this […]

Roll up your sleeve for science! I can hardly wait

Calling all sufferers of anorexia – help researchers find a cure If you have suffered anorexia nervosa at any point in your life, researchers want to hear from you. Why? Because you are in the hot seat to help find find the cause and a cure. Researchers in the United States, Sweden, Australia, and Denmark […]