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Journaling your way to self-renewal

The Pages Beckoned: Write! Jenni Schaefer lights up my world with her love of writing, and passion for helping others to embrace a full life. Using Writing as a Therapy for Eating Disorders _ The Diary Healer contains many pearls of wisdom from Jenni and other diarists who have used their pen to help gain freedom […]

Did my recovery experience have to be so tortuous? Could the diary help?

Did my recovery experience have to be so tortuous? Could the diary have provided a more pro-active role in healing? I wanted to find out.
 Above all, the catalyst for my book The Diary Healer was a desire to explore and reveal the potential of diary writing as a therapeutic tool in self-renewal and healing. The story behind […]

Announcing: the birth of The Diary Healer

I am delighted and excited to announce the birth of my book affectionately known as The Diary Healer… I am deeply grateful for the many generous contributions, together with ongoing assistance, guidance and encouragement in the creation of this book, a three-year journey which has led to many friendships being formed, and in the process, the […]

Grandma’s great hospital escapade _ have chariot will travel

Today, I admit to being a rebellious Grandma. My soul was wilting. After six weeks in hospital without feeling the sun’s warmth upon my face, implosion was nigh. An escapade with my chariot (four-wheeled walker) has avoided a full-blown meltdown. My medical team kindly granted day leave, ‘providing you have a carer‘, due to Melbourne having a public holiday*. I sent text […]

Healing: a never-ending process of self-discovery

I am writing from ‘a room with a view’ from a hospital in Melbourne…sigh, third admission in eight weeks…this time I have a lovely, lovely view…my eighth floor room is looking over part of Melbourne CBD and you can see a tram and beyond in the distance a small patch of blue which is Port Phillip […]

Reflection a tool for self-discovery and renewal

In several days, 2015 will begin. This small pocket of time, between Christmas and New Year, is a grand opportunity to pause and reflect — like inserting a dot between finishing one chapter of life and starting another. Such time provides a chance to attend to items requiring closure, to repackage wayward thoughts, beliefs and […]

From patient to researcher – sharing the journey

A walk along the seashore at home this morning provided a moment to absorb the relief of completing PhD Confirmation of Candidature at CQUniversity, Noosa, Queensland, this past week. The PhD, in Creative Writing, focuses on the use of diary writing in recovering from an eating disorder. Thanks to two great supervisors, this journey from […]

When the patient becomes the researcher

I entered the world of academia in June, this year, as a researcher, in a bid to make the experience of the eating disorder patient count in science.

The Diary Healer – bridging the gap between science and the sufferer – sharing a PhD journey

I am a PhD candidate. I pinch myself. Is this real? Since regaining my true Self from the effects of Anorexia Nervosa in 2006, life has been amazing. Yes. But a PhD? How did this happen? I remain incredulous. I share my story because, if your life is being kept on hold by an eating […]

Finding support in an online family and community – share your story

Have you found online support helpful in coping with the challenges of diagnosing, treating and recovering from an eating disorder? Either for yourself, or someone you care for? If so, I would love to hear from you. The second half of my upcoming book, Using Writing as a Resource to Treat Eating Disorders: The Diary Healer, explores […]